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Recommendations For Liguria

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Can I get some input on places to stay and do in Liguria. Anything would be great. We are going to be there at the end of May.

Thank you, gentlemen.
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I spent some time there last summer and loved it. Difficult to know where to start. You shouldn't miss the Cinque Terre of course, although you have to be prepared for crowds of tourists. In May, it may still be OK, though. We stayed at a nice quiet place in Monterosso al Mare called Villa Steno, which was more than decent and has a private parking lot (parking is a huge issue if you plan to drive there, train might be advisable for the region). Go eat at a restaurant called Ciak close to the beachfront, and order a seafood risotto. One of the best I've had. You can visit other Cinque Terre towns by train or boat.


I'd also recommend staying a couple nights in Genova if you can. If you like paintings they have a good collection of Renaissance painting in several Palazzi, for which you can get a single pass. Very good food too, and the old city is interesting as it is still pretty authentic, not having been renovated much.


Driving along the coast is a cool thing to do as well, and especially going north there are really pleasant maritime towns. I'd say Finale Ligure, and Noli are the best places to stay. Noli in particular has a beautiful old center behind walls in front of the sea and the surrounding cliffs, and great small shops and restaurants. South of Genova, on the road to Cinque Terre, are Santa Maria Ligure and Portofino. The setting is spectacular in Portofino, but the place is small and prices are steep. It's perhaps the most exclusive of all these towns on the sea, and has a selection of high-end shops, though if you really want to shop I'd recommend just driving 2 hours to Milan.

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Thank you very much for the help, decogeo - time to do some research on what you brought up. I'm familiar with Cinque Terre. We definitely will use a car during that time.

FYI, we are also going to Slovenia, Tuscany, and Piedmont, but those parts are planned out for us by winemakers who are treating my wife, and my tag-along ass, to the trip but we are taking the time out on our own to visit Liguria.
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Sounds like a nice trip. I've never visited Slovenia but it's on my list.
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Bump. Any recommendations between Genoa & Cinque Terre/Porto Venere for:

- Restaurants / places for apertif
- Mid-market RTW shops
- Any other cool stuff
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