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How do you store your accessories?

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I've had my accessories (tie bars, cufflinks, pocket squares, etc.) in a cardboard box for years, and want a better way to store/ present my accessories. How do you guys store your accessories, anything from shoes to ties? As always, a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

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I'm not really into "presenting" accessories, but it's always interesting to hear what other people do, so have a free thread bump.


Personally, I just keep my squares folded & stacked neatly in a drawer. Easy to pull out the stack & choose one. Cufflinks are in another drawer, in one of those standard jewellery shop display trays with its grooves to slot them into. No lid, which means I can just open the drawer, see them all, and quickly make a selection. I bought that tray off ebay for just a few quid, but frankly it's far more useful to me than a pretty box would have been.

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I use a mens "jewelry box" and watch boxes (since I also wear leather bracelets and neck beads).. I use an over the door towel bar set to hold my ties. Pocket squares, cummerbunds and other misc are in the small dresser drawer.
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I use a wooden "jewelry" box that has a glass lid. My watches, eyeglasses, and cuff links are stored in them.
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I have a leather box for cuff links and a leather tray for misc accessories. For pocket squares I have them folded and lying on a small wooden tray on a shelf in my closet. They are fanned out just enough so I can get a glimps of each one. Also, I put fall winter ties, pocket squares, socks and other accessories away in a drawer until next season.
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For belts I like this:
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