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What's tindari?

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hi i just bought a zegna suit that says tindari on it. what is tindari? i'm guessing it's the type of wool but i'm not sure. does anyone know? thanks
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Tindari is one of their lines of fabrics, yes - others are Trofeo, Traveller, Trecapi and so forth. They probably all have different levels of quality, durability, wrinkle-resistance, etc., but I wouldn't have a clue.
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Ain't the internet great? I took a peek at the Zegna site:; did a search for Tindari. Nothing came up. Trofeo was defined, though: this is a true ermenegildo zegna classic, a worsted fabric made from incredibly fine australian merino wools with a diameter of approximately 17 thousandths of a millimeter. these long, soft fibers give the fabric a particularly pleasing hand and ensure perfect performance, even after prolonged use. trofeo comes in different versions, depending on the weave and weight (this varies from 250 to 280 grams per meter) and on the type of finish: the cross-season version is cleaner and smoother, while more fulling produces a warmer cloth for the winter version. Strange that Tindari didn't show up. You may want to browse around the site and see if you can locate it.
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