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Austin Reed

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Hi I'm looking to buy a new suit from Austin Reed as they have the following deal on, which ends this Friday:


  • Two piece bespoke suit £449 instead of £899
  • Custom lining £20 instead of £40
  • Waist coat £50 instead of £100


So basicaly a bespoke 3 piece for £519 instead of £1039 (I got these figures form a store).


I will not use this new suit often, primarily for special occations such as weddings and job interviews. Which is why I wasn't planning on spending quite this much for a suit, perhaps £300 max for a off-the-rack suit. But this deal seems too good to miss! Do you think this is a good deal? Anybody had any experience with Austin Reed bespoke suits?

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Seems like a good deal. But be assured it is not really bespoke. What they term bespoke is really an MTM - but the price is probably still OK. I would make suit I get at least a half-canvassed jacket for that price though. AR's signature line suits are half-canvassed so it shouldn't really be a problem to get that also on a MTM suit.
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Thanks for the feedback. So what makes a suit a bespoke suit? According to the AR discription it sounds pretty bespoke to me, but then I'm a suit novice!

"It's engineered from a totally individual template, based on your personal measurements."
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I really would not go for this deal, unless you are familiar with the proportion of a suit, it is very risky. Since your budget is small, I will recommend TM Lewin White label or M&S top sartorial line, both are fully canvassed and looks very good. Those models are only in the Marble Arch or Canary Whalf store.

Do you have any suits in your current wardrobe? If you do, I will recommend the money to invest in a pair of good shoe rather than a new suit.
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Only have one suit which is black. I need a charcoal one.

I've already invested in a very good pair of shoes, I just need a decent suit now.
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If that is the case, try my recommendation. I hope you will like it.
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So are you basically saying it's better to get a off-the-rack half-canvassed suit than a fused bespoke suit?

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This Austin Reed bespoke seems canvassed , not fused, and If it is really cut from scratch for you, it will be better then RTW. M&S sartorial is nice RTW, but it has very low armholes and it is only marginally cheaper the offer you are referring to.

I would visit the AR store and ask about the process (e.g fittings etc..) and report back here for further advise
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This offer is for MTM NOT bespoke.

I doubt AR employs a tailor at any branch these days - largest London one maybe excepted - all salesmen with minimal training and forms to fill in. there is far too little choice of style etc for this to be true bespoke. The word "engineered" does not inspire confidence at all - it should be cut by a skilled, experienced cutter. This is not a loose use of language but a statement of its true nature.
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Originally Posted by Kelvin uk View Post

Only have one suit which is black. I need a charcoal one.

I've already invested in a very good pair of shoes, I just need a decent suit now.

You're planning to spend £500 on a suit - what was your shoe budget, may I ask?

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£180 - two pairs so I can rotate.
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