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Would You Move to Mars?

Poll Results: Would You Take a One Way Ticket to Mars?

  • 33% (5)
  • 53% (8)
  • 13% (2)
    Only if Anne Hathaway goes too.
  • 0% (0)
    Other (please specify).
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Apparently this is a very real question currently being asked: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-22146456

A one way ticket to help settle Mars. Sounds like a risky thing at this point but the first group is bound to go down in history. Anyone here up for that kind of commitment?
Want to go to Mars? Dutch organisation Mars One says it will open applications imminently. It would be a one-way trip, and the company hopes to build a community of settlers on the planet.

Uncharted waters, mountains or far away lands have always drawn explorers. History books show that desire for adventure, even in the face of extreme danger, did not deter the likes of Columbus or Magellan.

So it is perhaps not surprising that Mars One has already received thousands of prospective applicants. But there is no return - unlike the mission which hopes to fly to Mars and back in 2018.
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If I could find good work there, why not. I moved from the UK to China, maybe moving to Mars is the next step for me.
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Oh fuck yes. If there's anyone who should be called on to populate another planet it's me.
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I'm pretty happy that I can wear my Alden's outside without a spacesuit on.
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Of all the stupid reasons to throw your life away, doing so in order to have a spot on the next big reality series is about as stupid as it gets.
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I prefer planets with magnetospheres. Keeps my cosmic radiation exposure to a minimum.
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do I get to boan the chick with 3 bewbs as featured in that fine documentary of life on the red planet, Total Recall?
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You probably will not, however, there's a reasonable chance that your grandchildren will. Of course they may have a couple of abnormalities of their own...
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Like having just one ball...
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Mars' gravity is less than 40% of Earth's. long term prognosis of anybody living there ain't good. Nobody thinks about this. Personally I'd stick to L5.
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Do you have three boobs?
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If I had no fiancee and most my family were dead I would seriously consider it.
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Let the global elite move there first since they deem earth over-populated. Be a good example for the rest.
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No, i don't like to go on mars. I like earth and i want to live on earth.

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