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Yet Another Wedding Guest Attire Thread (YAWGAT?)

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I went searching for some "official" thread to ask this in, but didn't find any...
So my wife and I will be attending a wedding in the late spring and, in keeping with upping our style, we decided to attempt to coordinate our outfits (slightly).  The wedding is "casual" (evening, outdoors) -- many in suits, some in sportcoats/khakis.
Here's what I've put together:

I have a choice of two wool suits (either of which will need slight retailoring).  I'm leaning toward the light grey over over the charcoal.  The shirt (an orange/blue stripe) is being shipped and I haven't yet ordered the seersucker tie or pocket square.  For shoes, I'm definitely wearing the AE McTavish (waxed black leather) and like that the hat has similar contrast stitching.

My wife will be wearing a dress similar to this:


So, thoughts?  Am I right in wearing the lighter suit?  Do the pieces work together?  Should I play off the blue in her dress as opposed to the orange?

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Do not wear that hat with a suit. Perhaps don't wear that hat period, but definitely not with a suit. Don't wear a matching tie/pocket square set. I don't like that shirt because I don't like pinstripes or multicolored stripes on shirts, but sounds like you're set on it. But at least don't wear a tie that has lines on a similar scale as the shirt. Since it's evening, I'd wear the darker suit.

Finally, here are the things in your date's outfit you should consider when constructing your own:

Other than that, you're on the right track smile.gif.
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The dark grey suit is better than the light grey suit for an evening event. I would go with either a plain white or a light blue dress shirt and well shined calfskin balmorals (I am not a fan of waxed leather for anything, especially wearing with a suit). The tie and pocket square appear too close in color to each other and I'm not a huge fan of the color either (they don't even appear to match the dress which is what you seem to want to do). A white linen pocket square is probably your best bet here.

If you insist on matching what your wife is wearing to a degree, I think that a blue tie in the right shade is far more subtle and would look good with a darker grey suit and white shirt anyway. I wouldn't mind a burnt orange tie on a light blue shirt in normal circumstances, so this could be another route to try. No matter what, the pocket square is just too much.
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Thanks to both of you for responding...  I guess the plan wasn't really to match my wife's dress -- just not clash with it.  I agree, the pocket sq. is too much (though they look different in the pic, they're made from the same fabric); I'll ditch it, perhaps in favor of a white one.   I'm not set on anything really, other than the shoes and one of the two suits.  The wedding is going to be relaxed/funky/artsy, so I really like the more casual look of the waxed leather.  For the same reason, I like the idea of the seersucker tie, but I'm now leaning towards a blue/white combination instead of the orange/white (the stripe thickness of the tie is significantly thicker than on the shirt, if I decide to keep that one, though I may just opt for a white -- or maybe, light grey/blue -- shirt instead).   And I hear you on the hat.



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second unbelragazzo on the hat. a flat cap is not appropriate with a suit and doubly not appropriate at a wedding.

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Sorry to highjack this thread but it seems the early question has been resolved.  Would the following be ok for:


Guest, 4pm wedding, reception follows, I think it may be a garden wedding then indoor reception

Invite says Coat and Tie

Tropical country.


Also what tie would match with a blue patterned pocket square?


My alternative is a black suit (since I normally use this charcoal suit for business), but the 4pm call time makes me think i shouldn't wear a black suit.



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