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Originally Posted by urgo View Post

Not loving the Charles Tyrwhitt stuff I just got.  The ties are significantly lower quality than I was expecting.  One I was going to send back anyway for arriving wrinkled, but after handling it and looking closer, I'm sending both back because they just aren't very good.  Quite light and cheap-feeling. 

The shirts are going back because they just don't fit.  I got slim-fit, and they're too tight. Not in the middle where the taper occurs - they're fine there - but in the shoulders and chest. Granted, I'm more athletically built than average, but we are talking about 17.5" neck shirts, which tend to run bigger.  For comparison, the Jos A Bank tailored fit shirts are still pretty big on me and the Brooks Brothers Slim Fit shirts fit well, albeit still not particularly slim in the middle.  These things, though... no chance . If I ever bent over to pick up something, I feel like the shirt would blow apart around my lats.   It's a shame, because I thought I might be getting a good deal. 

As for the shirt quality, you need a few wears and washes to really make a complete evaluation, but when trying these on, I definitely did not think that they measured up to the non-iron Brooks Brothers shirts I have.  Also, the price is deceiving.  After having the sleeves shortened (and, FWIW, Brooks Brothers and several other major shirtmakers offer the sleeve length I require on in-production shirts, and thus do not need tailoring), and adding a front pocket, the shirts are no longer such a deal, and I think it's inaccurate for some of the CT defenders in here to herald the "great value" of the shirt at $40 sale prices.  If you want a front pocket, it's not a $40 shirt, and if you want shorter sleeves, the price goes even higher. 

If you're of average-to-lanky build, I'd bet that you would not have my problem in the slim fit shirts. In fact, if you're skinny, you might complain that they are not slim enough in the middle.  The ties aren't anything you can't get for $20 at Macy's though.

You seem like an odd person to fit, hence things like needing shorter sleeves and a wider shoulder/chest. CT offers down to a 34 sleeve length. If you have a 17.5 neck and less than a 34 sleeve, you are likely not a typical fit. This, however, is your problem and does not affect the wide cross section of folks with less unusual measurements. Furthermore, adding a pocket is something you chose to do. Most here do no like pockets on their dress shirts.
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I'm confused by the shorter sleeves comment.  Are your arms that short that CT does not make shirts with your arm length?  And, for what it's worth, no one held a gun to your head and told you that you had to order a front pocket, so quit bitching about that additional charge.  Agree with you on the fit difference between CT Slimt fit and BB Slim fit, though.  If they were any smaller in the chest and shoulders, I wouldn't be able to wear the CT slim fit shirts whereas I have no similar issue with BB slim fit.


The shortest sleeve length that was available at a 17.5" neck on *any* of the shirts I looked at on their site was 34 inches. For several that I was interested in, the shortest sleeve length was 36. 


I'm sorry, but I've been buying dress shirts for about 15 years now, and limiting a 17.5 neck to 36 inch sleeves reeks of a bait-and-switch to me, especially for an operation that churns out the volume and variety of shirts that CT does, and on a website which so prominently steers customers towards in-house alterations.  Personally, I can make do with 34s, but I figured that since a couple of them were going to be tailored to get it down to a perfect (for me) 33 anyway (and thus delay my shipment), I'd just go with getting it done on all of the shirts that I bought.


Insofar as the front pocket - no, of course I didn't have to get it.  But it is my experience that shirts in CT's quality and price range (and, frankly, quite a few above it) do not normally charge extra for front pockets, and hence my comment about value not being what it initially seems. I don't think that pointing this out really qualifies as "bitching." If you like your shirts with front pockets, it's not a $40 shirt, but a $46 shirt.  If you use a larger neck size but are under 6'0," in height, it is possible that you could be very limited insofar as what you can buy from CT without tacking on another $13 in sleeve alterations.


So anyway, for me, the $40 shirt became a $59 shirt.  At this price, I would want them to meet or exceed the Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts with the same features, as this is roughly what those can be had for when BB has one of their good sales.  Because they don't fit my frame, I'll not get a chance to wear the CTs a few times to find out, but my initial suspicion upon handling them and examining them is that they're probably not up to that standard.


I do understand that someone with my dimensions will do better with high-quality custom-made shirts, and I own a few of those.  I'm not at a place financially where I can fill my closet with them and regularly replenish the supply, however, and so I try to look for value where I can.  I had not yet tried CT and, unfortunately, after two months of waiting I don't think they're going to work for me.


I'm going to stay firm on my opinion of their ties.  The ties seem to be about the quality of the Jos A. Bank Signature ties (which I know of because, in a moment of weakness, I fell for one of their promotions some years ago and got a couple)  which I do not consider to be particularly good, even at 75% off prices.  There isn't any fraying and the patterns aren't haphazardly cut, but they have the lightweight-yet-stiff combination that I associate with a cheaper product. One could do significantly better for the same price at Century 21, Nordstrom Rack, or any of those kinds of places.   

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