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Restaurants in Capri / Sorrento

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I'll be near Naples but not in the city at all but hoping to find restaurants of similar deliciousness.

Any suggestions?
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I'm planning to be in there in June and was doing some research. I found Don Antonio. I remember an old thread where heismatt mentioned some places in the area.

When are you going?
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Just got back.

The two meals in Sorrento were nothing special.

Da Giorgio, just off the piazzetta, was excellent and had a great view. The pizza was just about equal to the best stuff in Naples, in my limited experience.

Villa Verde was also quite good. We went at 7pm, right when they opened (we 7-month-old with us) and we were the only ones in the restaurant. We probably stayed until 8:30 and didn't see another patron. So the ghost town atmosphere was a little odd but the food was tasty.

The hotel (JK Place) had really great food as well. The morning breakfast, while nothing at all out of the ordinary for that region, was superb. We had dinner there one night and I enjoyed it a lot. The picture postcard view of the harbor at sunset also helped.

(Just to calibrate things, I'm as clueless as you like when it comes to haute cuisine. I was looking for simple, good-tasting dishes with fresh ingredients.)
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I noticed I made a typo in my original post. I meant Don Alfonso 1890.

Did you make it down the Almafi coast? I'm hoping to make a trip to Paestum.
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Last year around this time, we drove from Naples to Amalfi (and back) but didn't make it down that far.

It's a nice drive (though it feels like work with the massive buses and tiny, winding roads). I much prefered chilling in a couple places and taking a daytrip on the train.
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