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For Sale:
REDUCED - Salvatore Ferragamo 'Master' Loafers - Size 10D - Good condition

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my Salvatore Ferragamo loafers.

They're very comfortable, durable and versatile shoes, that can be worn with many looks. I wore them a handful of times, but I haven't worn them nearly as often as I originally thought I would (probably 15-20 times), so I'm looking to unload them.

They retail for $520 and Ferragamo has not changed the style for the "Master" loafer for a number of years. It's really one of their most classic shoes.

I would say overall that they are in good condition
  • The soles are in great condition, you can only see slight wear in the very back of the heal. Again, I didn't really wear them too much so that makes sense.
  • The leather is in good condition: There is a small scratch on the side of one shoe that is mostly unnoticeable (I didn't see it until I took these pictures). There is also a small mark on the tip of the left shoe. See pics for both of these "defects."
  • I used shoe inserts so the inner soles are in great condition.

Please let me know if you're interested or have any questions.

photo IMG_4627_zps718053c9.jpg

photo IMG_4628_zpsf79046a9.jpg

photo IMG_4629_zpsaf4d3008.jpg

photo IMG_4630_zpsd84d28c4.jpg

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photo IMG_4637_zpse8710650.jpg

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