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Gianfranco ferre shirts

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Looking to fellow members for any opinion and or comments on the quality and value ratio of Ferre dress shirts. They are currently being offered in the Toronto area for $70 - 125CND. The tag says Made in Italy, but how do they compare to Canali, BOSS, etc. Thanks in advance. Classic
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I rather dislike them actually. I think the fabrics are not the best, and they are selling mainly on the name. I think that even at a 50% discount, GFF goods are not the best. I'd say the same thing re: Boss though too. IMO, you are much better off going with, say, Ike Behar or Polo Philip shirts. The latter I would say is one of the better bangs for the buck in OTR shirting. All three you can easily find on sale for under $80 probably. Of course, that assumes you are okay with the fit of those shirts, as well as the patterns.
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I do not rate them very highly. Like johnnynorman, I also think Boss is pretty bad.
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spend maybe 1 second looking elsewhere and you could probably find a better value for the money.
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Gucci makes better dress shirts if you want the designer items. I don't like Armani's shirt styles. The Gucci collar is remiscent of Barba.
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you must be seeing them at winners, as i have, $69.99 each i think that for the sale prices they are at, they're a decent shirt, some of the patterns are butt ugly though, wait for another two weeks, they go down on further reduction and if you pick them up for $50.00 or so, they'll be fine for the occasional wearing
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Thanks for the replies. Hermes, not only at Winners, but it seems like they are starting to appear everywhere, and I was also wondering if they were being unloaded. Classic
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