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Originally Posted by kronik View Post
Hot soak 'em 3 times.

Apparently they stretch a lot.. I could definitely use the legs on mine being slimmer but not by much.

How the fuck am I going to button these then? There is no way I'm going to wash these in anything other than cold water. What size are yours?

Originally Posted by Coulomb View Post
ghorme sabzi is so good

sabzi polo with tadik and salty fish is better ha
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36; I could have sized down one, definitely not two.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
Alright yall, forgot to post an update. Got them from kiya while he was eating ghorme sabzi, great service by the way. Ordered and got here in two days last week. I ended up getting 34s and here's the problem:

1. Waist is already tight.
2. Legs seem cool and would be even better shrunken a little.

Problem is I don't think I will be able to wear these after a wash

heres what id did for my 29s, when raw they were very tight, very tight, so rather than shrink down to an unwearable size , i cut a piece of wood, about 15ish inches across ( remember im a 31 waist ) and buttoned them up around the wood, then threw em in a hot hot hot soak, this shrank the legs down but the waist remained the same.
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Just wear them for a while and let them stretch out before doing a wash/soak.. They take quite a while to fade so you should be fine even if you waited a month or two before soaking them.
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The fit as of a few weeks ago:

And fit like this after all shrinking was done (multiple hot soaks):

They take forever to fade, so prepare to get dedicated for a long time.
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