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Landscapes that inspire you

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I can't speak for anyone but myself, but the landscapes and cityscapes have really shaped the way I dress. This is verbatim from an chat I had with Conceptual 4rest:
I love the solitude of the Canadian Rockies
and the hues of grey and black rock
and the pale and deep greens of conifers

and in the cities:

I like the sparse lights of LA at night
orange on black
and just the sound of cars
the look of cold neon against asphalt
strip clubs and gas stations on lonely stretches in El Monte
Sitting at a Winchell's donuts
(worst chain ever, only the fresh donuts are edible)
waiting for the new batch to come out of the oven
talking to the tattooed, shirtless, BMX rider we called "Devil"
everything closed
just the dim lights of the closed restaurants
and chain bookstores
and motels


I imagine that some of you guys must have similar experiences that have shaped the way you dress. If you are in college, probably a little less, but for example, I see a lot of LA in the way Baron dressed, and it was a lot different than my experience with LA.

Feel free to contribute if you wish to.
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the ocean.

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I love the patina, elegant decay and hints of faded glory in places like Buenos Aires and Mexico City. Rugged coastlines make my heart beat faster especially when they are crowded into a vista with mountains and islands like they are around here (PNW).
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I hope pictures are allowed...

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This is a fantastic idea for a thread. I want to post some pictures, but don't quite have the time.


Landscapes that inspire me are either incredibly urbane (think dank, grungy crowd streets full of cafes, with little or no natural light: greys, blacks, browns and subdued colours) or incredibly vibrant natural scenery (bright, sunny days, skies stretching to infinity, colour abounding everywhere).


Something like this:

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I draw a lot of inspiration from the salty cliffs and hills of Cornwall (and the landscape of the rest of the British Isles as well).





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I grew up next to NYC and as a kid my family would come into the city all the time for Chinese food (my dad was obsessed with it). Some of my earliest memories are of Chinatown at night.

Not pretty, but I thought New York was so cool. I ended up going to college in New York and spent most of my time hanging out on the LES (it was just starting to be cool then).

By that point I loved the grittiness of New York, and I still do. I'll take that dirty chaos over a manicured lawn any day. I think that shows up in what I wear too. I love the beach and the woods and the mountains, but those landscapes weren't as much a part of my everyday life, so I didn't really absorb them in the same way.
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I need to take some pictures, but I love Richmond. I live in a neighborhood called "The Fan" close to the center of the city -- it's a good neighborhood, and all of the houses were built between 1890 and 1910, and the streets were originally cobblestone. One of my favorite things is walking through the alleys in behind my house, it's very European -- overgrown, random cobblestone streets, not particularly planned out, hidden garages and art studios.
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Absolutely, pictures are allowed. I think that landscapes in cities are often further filtered through film. For me, the movie that was California for me was "The Salton Sea".
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

Absolutely, pictures are allowed. I think that landscapes in cities are often further filtered through film. For me, the movie that was California for me was "The Salton Sea".

Not a film I've seen, but it looks interesting, I'll order a copy.

Perhaps I live in the past (or want to live in the past) but Powell & Pressburger's 'A Canterbury Tale' still resonates with me and where I live.
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I always dreaming seeing myself wearing a wifebeater, cut-up jean shorts, leather sandals, and sunglasses sitting at the Spanish Steps eating gelato just waiting my old man to pick me up
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Sun, Color, and Relaxation. I am inspired by the colors of a beautiful beach- the blues, whites, creams, and shades of greens. I wear no black and very little gray, anything else and I don't feel like me

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^ lol8[1].gif   Awesome, but I prefer Balamb Garden  fight[1].gif


My city is, fortunately, a city by the sea, yet stuck in a barren wasteland. Still, there are amazing lanscapes here, mainly because of the plateaus all around. That and the ocean can provide for some wonderful sights. Then there´s the region where cities like Bariloche are, full of trees, lakes, rivers, mountains and home of some of the most breathtaking views in the country. There and in the province of Cordoba you´ll find beauty that few places can match. These places have the perfect layout for someone to just a grab a motorcycle and ride having mountains on one side and rivers/lakes on the other, going up and discovering never before seen beauty. I´d like nothing more than to do just that, take my bike, a few pieces of clothing and ride through all those places. I guess I´d like my wardrobe to reflect that of a nomad, a wanderer simply seeking to constantly be moved by what one sees and finding more to be inspired from.







Córdoba. Not the best pic but the mountain chains there are out of this world.




And, of course, a motherfucking glacier.


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