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Has anyone heard of Redaelli?

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I was wondering if anyone knows much about Redaelli suits and the history of the firm? I inherited a suit made by them and I was curious because I haven't heard of them before. This particular suit is made from a fairly luxurious fabric, it has a great deal of handwork, and it has a floating canvas so I would guess that it was not inexpensive when it was purchased. 

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Hey, I actually just picked one of these up today at a thrift store. I recognize the inside pocket label, but can't place it. Help would be very appreciated!
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So, to the one other member of this thread: I did some major digging on various other threads: Redaelli is the full name of the Reda fabric mill in Italy. Their suits are very high quality, just not widely known or distributed.
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I have one of these suits in my house. Do you know where in the U.S. his could have been bought. Perplexed by how it got in my house.
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Hi. My family was in the clothing business from the early 60's to late 1990s. Manufacturing still carried on by brother and sisters who took over operations in Italy. In the mid 1980s my dad, began importing Redaelli suits to North America. Back in the 80s they made a high quality garment. Silk and wool blends, super 180 fabrics etc. I have a small collection of these suits in different sizes never worn. The style is dated. But I know that we sold lots of suits to buyers and clothing stores in Toronto, Montreal, NYC and NJ. I haven't been able to part with the suits because there are few people like the two of you that would value them for what they are. Classic well made suits with some 80s styling from a brand deserving of more acclaim than it ever archived in North America.
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