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Suit Recommendations: SF Bay Area

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Hi everyone,


My boyfriend is looking to buy two new suits, probably one charcoal, one navy (he's Asian so would black be an alternative for him as well, or should he stick to navy?). One should be heavier and one lighter for summer. And at least one of the suits should include a vest (see pic below). Could you recommend some places we should visit or brands to look into? I've been reading the forums and see a lot of names mentioned, but I feel like most of the threads I've read focus on lawyers or business people who wear suits everyday for work. On the other hand, a suit can last a long time so could be an "investment"?


He is 30 years old, almost 6 feet tall, 190 lb, athletic build, 16/32/33 for shirts and 33 for pants. He has broad shoulders, but I'm not sure if they're broad for his size or just broad in general. Budget is up to $1000 (and may be infinitely expanding...), but honestly, he's a software engineer and will only be wearing suits for special occasions and the occasional fancy dinner with me. He wants to go to Men's Wearhouse during a BOGO sale, but I'm interested to hear if there are any better alternatives. Things do tend to fit him well OTR, so Men's Wearhouse might not be horrible though.


Here's a look from GQ he would LOVE to emulate (although those pants are ridiculously tight and JGL probably can't even sit down in them, hah!).


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Contact Proper Suit. http://propersuit.com/

They come to SF every month for a few days. They bring suits to try on and then make a suit to his specifications. He can select from a wide range of fabrics (many shades of navy and charcoal), buttons, the cut of the pants, etc. They have a lot of options around his $1000 budget per suit.

I visited with them on a recent visit and was very impressed by the quality and look of their suits. It is a much better deal and quality for the money than a department store or large chain menswear retailer.
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