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Anyone here own or have any experience with new Hugo Boss Selection suits?

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NOT the standard Black label or Hugo label, but the more high-end Selection label. Baldessarini used to make them before, half-canvassed and/or full-canvassed suits(EDIT: HB Baldessarini used to be the top line before, but was phased out by the Selection line). I'm not sure who took over production recently, but this is still their "flagship" models, so I'm guessing they're at least half-canvassed, though not as good as Baldessarini.  


I guess they're comparable to RLBL in both styling and design, but they seem to be much easier to find in staple colors than RLBL. And sometimes cheaper. 


But either way, I've never tried one. Anyone here had the chance to check one out? I'm especially curious about the shoulder construction.


EDIT: Seems like there's some Selection "Tailoring" line too, which are full-canvassed and made by Regent. 

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I just saw some in a local shop the other day. They had some conservative colours and cuts and some more casual stuff too. They were very nice in appearance. I can't speak to construction but the retail price was outrageous (but that's the personal bias of an inveterate thrift store hound). happy.gif

But as the proprietor showed me the line he mentioned that they'd notified him that the line would be under going a name change in the fall, to what he didn't know.
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Indeed, I believe that Selection will be disappearing altogether.

The suits are half-canvas and made from reasonable cloths. They are from Italian mills, but developed for HB, so while the quality is OK they are by no means special.

The retail price is so inflated (I believe about £1,200 over the BOSS Black at £500) and the jump in quality so marginal that even the SA's struggle to sell them.

From my experience (100% UK market) Ralph Lauren makes a much better suit in the price bracket. As do many of the Savile Row RTW lines for that matter.

I own a few - that I certainly didn't pay for - and I would say they are on par with Charles Tyrwhitt suits. If they fit you well and that money is burning a hole in your pocket then by all means. You are getting a mediocre suit that is cut quite slim and aggressively. For many people that will be an acceptable trade. Personally I could spend £1,200/$1,800 on entry-level bespoke or better brands, but I understand that sometimes convenience trumps money and "lasts forever" quality.
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From time to time, I see some brand new Selection suits in staple colors(solid charcoal, navy) going for 400-500$. 


I own two regular HB BL suits, that I paid 200$ for on last minute sale, which I am pleased with. Only gripe is that the lapels can be slim on those, and the shoulders a bit too structured...but the selection suits seems to have more conservative styling, while maintaining the trimmer cuts. 


RLBL suits are good, but again, the structured shoulders and fashion forward styling is a deal breaker for me...along with the fact that you rarely find staple colors in average sizes going for less than retail.


While we're at these kinds of suits, anyone have experience with Calvin Klein Collection? I think they're half canvassed, and a bit like RLBL...but usually very cheap on sales.  

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Just my thought.
At retail if you're in North America I'd rather go with Phineas Cole, Southwick or Samuelsohn than HB Selection. If you're in Europe then I'll suggest to look at Pal Zileri.

Nothing special with HB Selection line at full price yet if like my friend who's a staff in HB store, there's a sale time where all items are discounted plus they will get a staff discount on top of that (60-70% off retail IIRC) then HB Selection is okay.
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I recently bought a HB Selection suit from the HB outlet in Hong Kong.

Double breasted suit, full canvas (I believe), Carlo Barbera wool. Really nice cut and fit, needs some minor tailoring (take in the sides a little, slim the sleeves a bit, hem the length) and it'll be good to go. Built really well.

Only problem was the price. The RRP is absolutely ridiculous (USD2700!!) so no wonder they had trouble with the range (someone had to pay for Chow Yun Fat to model for it after all). I bought it for USD1000-ish and I still think I overpaid, but it was such a nice suit and material that I didn't mind overpaying a bit for it - I can't imagine Carlo Barbera wool suits going for much less, whether OTR or MTM.

There were other HB Selection suits there where the RRP was about USD1800-2000 - those were even more overpriced, since while the cut was still quite nice, the material was no longer anything special and maybe half-canvassed.

Once I get it tailored properly I'll be sure to show it here.
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