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Black Lapel MTM Suit - Fit Check and Critique

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Hey guys. 


Got my Black Lapel Navy Suit today, 3.5 weeks after ordering. This is a MTM site like Indochino, except Black Lapel's are half canvassed and the fabric may be of slightly higher quality.  This is a traditional navy suit for financial office environment. I ordered the tailored cut (between slim and traditional). I have 30 days to get $75 worth of alterations which will be covered by Black Lapel. The company has been nothing but fantastic so far. I got my original measurements by measuring myself three separate times, with the help of a tailor and two friends. Please ignore tie, shirt, belt, and rumpling/creases. Tie is okay, shirt is too big in most measurements, and belt is bad. Suit appears rumpled/creased because it just came out of the box.



I have a great tailor to go to and while I think that largely the fit of this is nearly perfect, I suspect a few minor alterations could be made to make it perfect. Here are a few of my own critiques:

  1. Sleeves. I can't tell whether my shirt sleeves should be longer, or if the suit sleeves should be shorter. Either way, I know that a bit of the shirt sleeve should be showing, and it is not at all.
  2. I wanted the pants to have a single, clean break. Not sure whether they are perfect or should be made just a bit shorter.
  3. The shoulders feel great, but the chest could be made a little more form fitting



Please give more advice, and thanks in advance. Here are way too many pictures.


Full album: http://imgur.com/a/E4OVE

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(almost escaped a double-post today)
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The suit sleeves are too long. The upper back needs some work. The collar probably should be tweaked. In terms of styling, a less structured shoulder would have been better, but too late now. All told, it's better than the usual MTM outcome posted on Style Forum.
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