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Originally Posted by brianoh View Post

"Damned if you do damned if you don't." - When did we say not to raise the price? What am I missing?

Be real b. Don't be like, "We hire the highest grade Cambodian lactating mothers to put together 83% cotton, 17% poly hoodies with only the finest imported unicorn hides for your leather motos." No offense, but us consumers make your rent. Don't treat us like marketable morons.

You paid your dues and have the marketing and the hype around your brand. You're reaping the benefits after some unsure years of working hard. That's how it works and we appreciate it.

Are you going to compare the fabric of your Villain vs Reigning Champ's? Are you going to pretend like you aren't hiring undocumented workers for lower tax wages and proudly saying "Made in the US?" as if it's your marquee bullet point for charging as if you're top of the line contemporary brand? It's all fair practices within the industry. Please do us a favor and go one above as if you're doing us consumers a favor in the guise of altruistic purposes.

The Kith JE is going to be the next level of easy dumb marketing and hype that I can't wait to see.

Dude I don't get what you are trying to do here. Even if some of your accusations are true, no company would admit to them. You're wasting your breath.


Do you want them to lower their prices? As nice as that would be, none of their competitors are doing it and they have no reason to if things are working out the way they have been. The brand has been gaining "value" due to collaborations with Nike/GAP, features in GQ, celebrity endorsement.


Can you explain how lowering prices or making damning admissions makes the brand "better"?


Note: I am speaking hypothetically and would like to hear your opinion. I am not insinuating that any of this conjecture is even remotely based on truth.

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It's interesting how quickly the demographic of the thread has changed. Probably a lot to do with said marketing. I'm sure it's great for the bottom line - even if it makes reading this thread more painful. Reads more like NT/KTT/whatever and less like SF or SuFu.

I think brand dilution/diffusion has been touched on before. While Kith and other various collabos are easy money, it's a slippery slope. Then again, if you're cashing out how much does it really matter?

ETA: to be clear this isn't a case of "this band I like blew up and sold out, I can't like them anymore". Just some observations.
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Dont want to get into the politics and such of the brand, but i must say i never felt like i had a wool sheet over my eyes. If anything i feel like JE comes from humble beginnings and wouldnt screw people over if he and his company had the chance to. I mean the guy was still driving around a 20 year old Honda accord after he made it lol. Not to mention how many companies still respond to their customers on forums? The clothes still being made in the US is awesome and most of us Americans that work 9-5 jobs can appreciate that.Their customer service is beyond phenomenal. Wont get into specifics but they replaced a piece that was over a year old because of some manufacturing issues, with no questions. Thats A1 customer service. People may read this and think im some type of JE stan but i too pass on some pieces because of pricing. Only because i dont find it feasable for MY OWN lifestyle to own a bunch of $300-400 over shirts or a $1600 leather jacket. But if i could afford them i would. Hey,to each is own right? You want to talk about price gouging? then mention companies like EN Noir or Fear of god. I think JE is still priced fair on most pieces in their market. Again, just my opinion. Im not a clothing designer expert or anything just a regular consumer.

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Originally Posted by JohnElliottCo View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Did I really say or insinuate any of this? I was illustrating the fact that it costs more to produce our jacket than a jacket that is made overseas. We make a product with high quality materials in a clean factory that treats their employees well. None of this is a marketing gimmick. We stand behind our products and practices 100%, anyone who has ordered from us knows this.

And you are right. We are a business. We try to keep our prices reasonable because our customers find value in them at the price they are at given the materials and quality. Of course we benefit from our direct to customer model online, but we also bring a majority of these products to market using a wholesale model.

No one is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. We are being "real." I'm not sure what experiences you have had in the industry or with other brands but we are trying to run an honest business and have an open dialogue with our customers. That's it.

IDK if it's really worth engaging with the guys who are trolling in this thread. If they even believe what they're saying, they're not going to be swayed by logic or explanations. You can probably reach out to @LA Guy for advice or support on dealing with them, but I doubt that responding to them directly will be particularly productive.

Plenty of people here have at least a rudimentary understanding of how production works. There are materials costs, shipping costs, and manufacturing costs. All of those costs - costs to the company - go up when you're using expensive trimmings, custom fabrics, relatively high-wage factories (average monthly wage for a garment worker in China is $300; even at minimum wage, a US worker makes 4x that), and are a relatively small company that can't enjoy the economies of scale that come with placing larger orders and having greater purchasing power.

There's also a base markup - I forget exactly what the factor is - that has to be applied to all products if a company wants to stay profitable and stay in business. Certain items - like outerwear - are more expensive to manufacture due to both materials and labor costs, and that same markup still needs to be applied. The gross dollar value of the difference between cost to produce and cost to the consumer is higher, but the margin remains the same. In JE + Co's case, it sounds like it may even be a bit lower on some items.
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@JohnElliottCo is there any fabric to let out the length on the sleeves on the bomber?
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Wtf happened to this thread over night?!

Let JE price how they want to price. Their items are good quality. Don't buy the things you can't afford, I've passed up on a ton of JE items bc they weren't within my budget.
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Seriously. Wtf is up with this thread. Ever since JE has "blown up" theres been so much complaining. You guys buy plain T-shirts for $70 so what's the problem with paying more for button ups for leather jackets? If you can't afford it don't buy it.
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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

@JohnElliottCo is there any fabric to let out the length on the sleeves on the bomber?

Unfortunately no.
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Is the rider jacket in S sold out already? I can still add to cart but unable to continue the check out process. Please advise thanks.

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Size small rider sold out. that was quick

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good thing i got a Small and Medium ! haha. will return one that doesn't fit me properly

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Originally Posted by victoorious View Post

good thing i got a Small and Medium ! haha. will return one that doesn't fit me properly

damn mang, you got that kind of loot? income?

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Originally Posted by DrinkOrDie View Post

damn mang, you got that kind of loot? income?

thats what im wondering lol

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Originally Posted by DrinkOrDie View Post

damn mang, you got that kind of loot? income?

well, I bought two to try on both sizes.. Im not keeping both haha. 

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