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Originally Posted by ChasingBobby View Post

Trying to figure out how to search for the other pieces.

Nm just google John elliott gap. The Pieces look so.. roomy.
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i wouldn't bother but if you must i just scrolled to the bottom and other pieces showed up...all pretty bad 

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Clay dual zip looks good
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everything looks huge but could just be how they styled it on the model
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This stuff really misses the mark. It doesn't look like great value JE, it looks like overpriced GAP.
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I probably will scoop the double rider once it's 40% off. Im probably going to sz down though since its described as a regular easy fit.
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Gotta hit the nephews up about this backpack.


Keep em steezin those high school halls.

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Huh, there doesn't seem to be a way to view all the products, and the collection doesn't seem to be searchable.

Picked up the sweats (learned my lesson from last time and got both XS and S even though I prefer M in actual JE). I was hoping for some u-neck tees or tanks. Everything else looks like a pass to me; I'd rather pay a little more for non-Gap stuff.

Here's everything I'm seeing:

rider jacket:
destroyed black denim:
cropped hoodie:
paneled bomber:
layered tee (two colors):
white denim:
dual zip hoodie:
long-sleeve tee:
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Stuff looks trash as expected. Can't even see the clay fullzip. Honestly the Gap website sucks and makes it very difficult to even see the new drop. Search doesn't work either. All in all, I'd like my 10 minutes back
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Sweats look to be the only item with a decent fit...

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The only thing that looks like it fits properly or close to is the gap escobars. It's funny that the last product shot of all the items looks like a gq shot and the fit is totally different than the gap model shots, so who really know about the sizing.
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Just realized there are videos for the products, they are horribly awkward!

Honestly the rider doesn't look that bad
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dont need any of the gap items but they aren't too bad for what they are.  the rider looks good, but i dont know about paying that much for crappy quality leather.  would have to see it in person first.  sure it costs a grand less than the real thing but the quality and fit makes it worth the cost.  


i know you guys had your debate yesterday, but the collaboration isn't a bad idea for JE. many of the kids in high school now can get into the brand buy buying some of these items.  they are the next customers.  we all here won't buy forever.  makes sense for them to expose themselves to a younger generation that can't afford the real thing. 

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Considering what JE was working with for that collection, I don't think it's too bad. Yeah everything isn't as nice as real JE, but obviously that's going to be the case when it's 1/3 to 1/2 the price for comparable items. Fit is suspect on a few items but I suspect that's partly due to GAP giving models roomier sizes to appeal to the mass market.

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