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noticed forward restock a small and a large in OS hoodie black..


picked up the last small

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I've got a size small Kake in grey available. PM if interested.
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I wear a 28 in the OG cast coasts and just ordered the cast stretch obsidians in a 27 based on the waist being a 30 and the thigh measurements checking out. Never thought I would wear a 27 in denim but we shall see when they come in. Fingers crossed!

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Originally Posted by 1up View Post

Best place to buy villain hoodies to be shipped to Canada? Looking for black.

Also, is the consensus to size up? 5'10, 165 pounds here.

All depends on how you like the fit of your hoodies - most posts I've read from the beginning until now is that it will stretch but it definitely depends on your frame.

I'm around your measurements and I wear a large. I can fit a medium but it's skin tight in the upper body.
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^ I think he should go with medium

It's skin tight if u just try it on for a couple seconds but after you wear and etc it'll stretch and be much looser
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Really feeling the updated fishtail raincoat. Already have last year's in olive, though, so it'll be a pass for me. Love the clay colour, looking forward to more of it.
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Side note/ another thought

I also think on some pieces even if you like them maybe you just need to realize they aren't for you and your body type

Some people have to just learn to admire pieces from afar no matter how bad they want them or how cool they look on the model

Just a thought. It's about knowing yourself and your body/measurements.

A lot of cool things out there I would love to buy/wear but know I just can't pull off unfortunately
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Summer Rider is on its way to my place. I've never owned a leather before, I think this is a pretty solid first venture into the category.

Also, shout out to the guy in the JE Facebook group for the hook up.

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Did the sizing of the mercer tees change? I just got a size 3 in grey (mainline) and it's much slimmer than the old mercer long sleeve that I got 1 1/2 years ago
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JE cast 2 coast and teddy jacket
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going to send back my small grey kake soon unless anybody wants it. PM me, asking retail price

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Clay fishtail raincoat is nice
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Originally Posted by n5ek5 View Post

JE cast 2 coast and teddy jacket

teddy jacket is that one jacket I wish they made in different colors.  That color just didn't look good on me unfortunately...

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Originally Posted by copcopcopcop View Post


I'm looking to pay resale for a sage kake.. size large. anyone selling?




Lol. Unfortunately, same here. But XL.  

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My season 7 terry pick ups.  A few good folks on SF have contacted me re the grey kake so I'm getting rid of that bc I personally like the black and sage ones better.


Overall, on me, OS terry and villains > kake, but kake is an awesome alternative

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