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Anybody with a medium sage kake want to trade for a large?
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Can't wait for more Burgundy items :slayer:

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Originally Posted by gerg99 View Post

So I got my clay oversized crewneck size L in finally, and am finding it too big, compared to my black OS hoodie which is also a large, but felt like a much better fit. I'm 5'7 with wide shoulders and a short torso, so neither are very cropped on me at all (only the back of a large mercer tee really layers underneath well), but the shoulders are perfect and sleeves a bit long. included both the clay crewneck pic and black hoodie pic for comparison. would love to hear your guys' thoughts --  haven't decided yet if i want to size down or just hold out for new kake colors. regardless i'll probably be letting go of the large clay crewneck so willing to give to whoever wants for whatever price I paid JE + shipping (or trade for a medium!)

bruh, what is your chest measurement?
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Originally Posted by MVP- View Post

bruh, what is your chest measurement?

Idk exactly, but a large mercer mercer half chest measurement is 22, and that's pretty comfortable for me. 21 inches and under starts getting pretty tight. I usually aim for 18+ shoulders and 22+ chest when looking at measurements online. I'm a large in a villain and it fits just right -- tailored but not too tight / uncomfortable. upper body is on the wider side from shitty bulking when i was younger and lots of oly weightlifting now


my proportions are all over the place yo hahaha

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I see you, Navy and Black Kakes.....

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Pretty disappointing collection. Lackluster.
Compared to other seasons.

But hey I'm no designer so what do I know.
Maybe will look better separated. Regardless will be around when it starts dropping in the summer.

Favorite look
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What was the name of this collection? I thought it was just the lighting or whatever but what is up with the eyes on the models. It's like they have pink eye.
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I like these few looks. Few bombers and hoodies are looking strong!

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I'm liking the colors overall. Some nice jackets and coats. Liking the raw hem pants too.
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Really disappointed with this collection as well. Lackluster is the perfect term. 

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Looks like John's wearing a Kake in white, too.

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Couple of initial thoughts:


If you like the quilted pattern - this is a nice drop for you. 


He's clearly listened to the outcry for Kake Mocks.  He's got 4 on the runway... White, Black and Navy... and one in what may be a new material. 


Happy to see Burgundy come back... but don't know if the pieces I saw them in thrill me.


Like leclutch - I wasn't really into the ensembles.  I think two really stood out, for me.  Pieces that excite me the most are... shock... his most basic pieces in the line.  Some of those new pants on the runway are exciting for me.

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I'm in for Kakes for season 8, but that's about it.

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Fall 16/17 is a step up from S/S 16. The cut and fit of the pieces is a million times better. None of the S/S pieces are flattering. One of the JE major keys was that it accentuated your physique and had clean lines.

Obviously not every piece is going to be a hit (or even make production), but I'm glad to see the aesthetic return to what we were used to after the amorphous spring 16 collection.
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