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Pretty sure Yeezy stuff was made in LA. Maybe even same factory as JE (hence the video where he made an appearance).
Not that it matters at all, I'm just saying.
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Season 2 was in LA, atleast the samples.

Denim color looks good
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Size 30 stretch denim fits perfect in the waist just right through out the crouch and leg. Should I stick out and break it in? Everything will loosen up after a few wears I suppose..
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Why in the world are you wasting money on Yeezy?

LOL I know, It was a mistake, I got excited bc I got early access...and went overboard.  Just waiting on getting it in the mail to send it back and get a refund :brick:

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Got the raw black size 28.. i have the mica same size from last season..can def tell...i think im gonna keep em ..all in all i like em plus i can tell they are gonna have major stacks..more slim than i have done in the past but im happy..i might grab on to the canyon or light blue next..
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I got my cast 2 in friday took em out put em on all day a little stiff at first..i even went to sleep thinking i wanna return em..woke up n took these pics..just like that changed my mind ima def keep i said slimmer than i have in the past but these will stretch perfectly...both are size 28 . The mica come from last season and have no stretch. I love them both complaints here it all depends on how u feel when u put the shit on ....and ME...i feel like the shit all the time hahahaha
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Sorry about that ....
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^^ those look good. Really considering grabbing some JE Denim now
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Not JE but wearing a JE Hooded villain underneath. I wanted to grab onto a grey coat this season, and was eyeing the JE one since release. But I figured I already had a regular overcoat in a dark color, so I tried out this Fear of God coat since it was entirely different with the short sleeves and all. I'm liking it, expensive for what it is, but I was able to get 30% off. I have some time to decide if I want to return it or not And cop the JE one instead.
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Denim looks good. Tempting to buy a pair but I think I'll wait on the washed / destroyed versions. I like washed denim as it looks more casual
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Black Co-Mix TOMORROW!


You asked we listened
Tomorrow [ Co - Mix / Black ] 8am EST Available in Classic Crew, Curve U Neck, Mercer Tee, Expo

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Just choked on my sandwich seeing this
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Originally Posted by arpman41 View Post

Just choked on my sandwich seeing this
lol freaked out for a sec. Can't wait!! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Finally .

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