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The Origin of the Gunboat


Gunboat shoes – large, clunky longwings with 360 degree welts and double soles – are staples of many of the remaining classic American brads, including Allen Edmonds and Alden. But are they a uniquely American phenomenon? Do they have international appeal? 


SW&D Cocktails


As much as Streetwear & Denim is about... Streetwear & Denim, it’s also about a particular swaggy lifestyle, and this thread is part of that. What kind of cocktails pair best with denim and slutty t-shirts? This thread is nothing more, and nothing less, than a place to discuss your favorite drinks in a very stylish context.


Deals of the Day


Grenson Masterpiece Loafer, 10.5 C UK 


Stephan Schneider Trench Coat, 5 


B&S Finds



Saint James Matelot Sweater, 42


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Brooks Brothers Peal & Co Captoe Blucher, 8.5