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Friends in Paris, if you happen to be riding the Metro, you might see a familiar face promoting the Etonnent Voyageurs festival.icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Put This On was kind enough to post a review of my squares.
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Very nice.
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Love the style and enjoyed the wit and stories on your website 

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Still hoping to see photos of someone else wearing the jacket.
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Wore my New Lagos square for the first time today (pics here).


But it's so fun that I actually switched from a puff to a more flouncy fold later in the day, so I could show off a bit more of it! biggrin.gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Originally Posted by Superfluous View Post

Still hoping to see photos of someone else wearing the jacket.
Here is a shot of GQ's Justin Doss wearing the same 38 from the lookbook.

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Originally Posted by View Post

Here is a shot of GQ's Justin Doss wearing the same 38 from the lookbook.

Humblebrag? smile.gif
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Any update on the larger print scarves?
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Yup. Just did the product shoot last week.
They should be up on the newly designed site in time for the holidays.
Here is a preview, as well as a quick look at next season's squares.

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New squares are up, and they all look AWESOME.
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Hi all,

I know it's been a very long wait, but we're back with a full deck of new products. I think you guys will especially like the squares and scarves (which are made by the same manufacturer who has done work for Drake's of London).

See below, and visit for more.

Oh. There's also the matter of the new jackets...

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Nice collection, Wale. Would love to be able to wear that yellow Renaissance safari jacket somewhere, but it would totally not work with my lifestyle. Will probably get a square, plus maybe a scarf, instead. But I'm really posting to say that the Ikire Jones sales copy on your site is some of the most brilliant I've ever read. It's like J. Peterman was kidnapped, bundled in a DeLorean to the future and was so freaked out by what he saw that he just had to write about it. The Heritage section is particularly awesome e.g.


Nairobi. 2081 A.D.


"In the beginning, the drones were used to hunt poachers.  Imported technology intended to stop the export and extinction of important wild-life. Motorcycle-sized mosquitoes buzzing mechanically between the tree-tops with decimal-point accuracy and a thirst for blood.  Their efficiency would have been admirable had it not been accomplished with such calculated zeal.  The hungry hum of in-flight havoc blending with our hymns became a common harmony.  Roaming door to door to bear uninvited witness, these unmanned guests seemed increasingly inhumane as their algorithm-driven eyes looked into the faces of men; unable to recognize the souls emanating behind our eye-lids.

What occurred next should have been no surprise to us.  Still, when their hovering shadows careened through our village streets like sentient storm clouds seeking an escape from the sun; when pillars of smoke spontaneously erupted from the ground where children had stood moments before; and when we lifted our spears to take aim at skies that no longer sheltered us; it was then we realized we'd been sitting idly as unseen hands steered us toward our end.

No one remembers which of us was the first to climb atop the cooling metal carcass of a downed flyer, but the story of a lone Masai stepping into a screaming death's flight-plan would travel like an air borne outbreak.  An epidemic pouring through Africa's porous borders; indiscriminately infecting all it touched with the hope of freedom.  Soon, silhouettes of dark skinned sons in brightly hued robes could be seen rising with weapons and shields aloft in the Nairobi sun.

The end was near, but it would not be ours




Seriously guys, go read it (and order some stuff).

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Thanks! I put a lot of thought into the copy (because I'm basically an unfulfilled author pretending to be a lawyer pretending to be a designer...).
The writing is just as important as the product to me, so it's very nice to hear someone is actually reading that stuff.
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The writing style actually reflects your clothes style: ornate, bordering on convoluted, but full of vibrant imagery and powerful contrasts that rescue a sense of immediacy with which to engage the reader or viewer. The imagery overpowers the detail, and it's that vivid sketch which sticks in the memory. Won't be to everyone's taste, and would be exhausting in large volumes, but has impact nonetheless.


PS. on a more practical note, it might be worth adding the key measurements for each jacket size to your site at some point, so potential buyers can be more confident about purchasing.

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