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Prom Assistance

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I'm wearing a White, One-Button, Shawl Collar Tuxedo. The pants are Black and the shirt was originally White. The bow tie, of course. was going to be Black. I assumed that when dressing along with your date, it was okay to wear a (somewhat) traditional tuxedo, regardless of the colour of their dress. My date wants me to wear a Turquoise bow tie to go along with my ensemble. It might just be my tastes but the combination sounds dreadful. Should I simply exchange the shirt for a light blue shirt with a white collar (á lá Kanye West in the Runaway music video) or should I bend to her whim and wear the disgraceful turquoise bow tie? I feel this is my first chance to express my sartorial skills. Please assist me men of the style world.

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You're right, your date is wrong. Wear a turquoise pocket square though, the bright and cheery color works with a white dinner jacket, and it should appease her.

Also, nice choice. Stick with the white shirt, too.
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I vote against turquoise PS as well, but not near as egregious as a turquoise bow tie.
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Is there a strong chance you'll get laid by said chick?

One must factor that into the decision-making
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