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Recommend Me Some Brogues!

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So I'm looking for a pair of high quality brogues, and don't know much about the options. Would love something US made, but it doesn't have to be. Would also like it to be less than $500. Surely this is the place to come to learn...

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What color do you need?

Carmina has restocked these few days ago, I like them although toe box is rather high. They are less orange than pictured.

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Hey thanks these look awesome! Regarding color, this is the kind of thing I'd like. A nice cognac like these.
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This is real color.

And some photos of this model at other angles (slightly different details): one, two.


I was looking for a nice cognac brogues as well and these are the only I like for under $500. I'll get them if not meeting some other with lower toe box I think...


PS: If you want something US made, you can also look at AE Walnut Strands — they are under $300. Carmina shoes are much more beautiful IMO but you cannot try them before purchase...

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If you can get them during the good April sale(I think it might end tomorrow 25% off and can usually get an extra 15% off on top with a kicker code, see this thread) Then you can get the RL Marlow wingtips in shell cordovan for ~$500

The Carmina's above are also an awesome shoe though, depends if you're looking for something sleeker or heavier.
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