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Originally Posted by quill,12 July 2004, 06:10
Welcome, Sir Anglophile.
Thank you, quill. Wishing you pleasant thermals today, Huntsman
        Thanks, the air up here is fine.
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l use three different avators. As you can see, they look quite grim. lt has alot to do with my partial gothic personality. l have nerves of steel and viens of icey green poison. l don't inhale oxygen [like everyone else], l inhale gas like the bloke who has the pipes going in his mouth (below). l am creul and hate everybody. My nickname is: the h8-man b8-man (hate man bateman). Bad weather rules; l love storms but l hate sunshine. No-one is more horrible and nasty than me. l make the worst criminals look like angels [l am so bad]. l love having nightmares because they are grim, l also love to wear all leather with lots of studs and spikes and wear up-side down crucifixes like a true satanist. l love to listen to the band Deicide (satanic death metal). Hope this explains why l use these gorgeous guys. lt's a pity l couldn't look more like these guys in my avators. Maybe l should get some horns inplanted. (Some people actually get horns surgically inplanted ya know). Does this guy look hot or what. This guy totally rules: he is the fella who feeds off gas through the pipes in his eye sockets and mouth. Actually: l am pulling your legs alittle bit. l don't really feed on poisoness gas. l wish l could though. For those people who are outraged, l don't really hate everybody.
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My avatar says that I am one of Victorian England's greatest generals. Indeed, the very model of a modern general, as the line about me goes.
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l think l should provide a few avators [for usage on this forum]. What do you think J and Steve? l have some beauties.
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