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Lol. Yeah, I like to wear it when I hold horse races on my yacht.

Literally laughing my ass off

I literally busted a nut hearing this.
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Since most of you here obviously care about your looks, I bet you care about your smell as well.

I'd like to buy some sort of cologne this/next week, but at the moment I don't know much about it. I would like it to reflect my personality, and I'm not looking for the cheapest stuff, but I hope I won't need to spend $100 on a small bottle either. That's just figure speech, in reality I don't know the prices. Yet.

My personality: driven, ambitious, future-oriented, open to new things, efficient, analytic, intuitive - the "good" kind of management. Very serious-looking, kind of a darker sense of humor, though preferring to appear very professional (comes naturally) - not the kind of guy who is "manly" (as in sports/stereotypes/etc.) or bureaucratic, but the kind of guy who is more likely to do something unconventional or change the rules. Have lots of interests, so can talk about a lot of different subjects, always have an answer. Most of the time - very direct and brutally honest.

That should've created an image in your mind, probably an assimilation to somebody you know in real life too. I'm a male in my early 20s. I'd prefer something unique instead of something every male uses.

Don't worry, I'm still gonna visit a store and get an idea of what smells how, but I want to have a list of something that'd fit me, rather than going through 30 different bottles.

This is a fairly late reply... but always worth checking out perfumes, especially now that we're approaching the holidays!

I'd go for Tom Ford Grey Vetiver (yes I know, vetiver is used a lot) or Terre d'Hermes judging by you're personality. Also DSquared2 Potion Black for a uniqueness, By Kilian has some unique scents but quite a bit more expensive- amazing product/quality/packaging though. Bond No.9 New Haarlem for something really different- be prepared for coffee.

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