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Wedding day vest lapel type advice

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I am trying to decide if I want peak lapels on my vest, or notch lapels. I am the groom of an outside wedding being held in the afternoon in July, and want to look the part. I've decided to do the lapels on the vest since it's kind of an out doors traditional look. I've decided to get peak lapels on the jacket as it's my wedding day and it's a more festive look in my opinion. Plus, this suit will likely be worn in other such "celebatory" events. I'm having it made in the blue Dormeuil Super Brio mohair. I'm 5'8", and have an athletic build. I wanted to do a notch lapel on the SB 6-button vest, but didn't know if this was a bad idea considering I'm doing a peak lapel jacket. I know it's a no-no, but I will be removing the jacket to get my grove on later in the evening when the dancing begins, but I hope to keep with the vest as long as possible.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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sorry a few more details. The suit will be a SB 2 button notch lapel.

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Didn't you just say you were getting peak lapels on the jacket?

If you want to be super awesome, go with a DB 6x3 shawl or peak waistcoat. Maybe contrasting with the suit, like a nice buff linen.

6 button SB waistcoat just sounds a bit too businessy to me.
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Agreed, and yes! That was a misprint, it will be a peak lapel single breasted jacket. I was actually thinking about the waistcoat option that you stated above, because whenever I see those single breasted vests, I do think business or prom. I believe I saw a picture of something to that effect on a post. Would linen be the best material for it, especially considering I'm doing a mohair? I believe the weights would match quite nicely. I just don't want too many wrinkles in the vest. I also think the shawl collar will work nicely because I do have a wide shoulder small waist thing happening, and if the peaks are too much on the vest, I'll look funny.

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Any design of waistcoat, considers the work done by a good tailor, will be good enough for any occasions.

For the extra linen waistcoat, I think it is a good idea for semi-dress occasion (e.g. nice lunch, afternoon gathering), but not for Weddings.

For myself, I will go for a DB waistcoat, button 3 show 6, English low cut, with a shawl lapel. Also you may consider a 4 button low cut Sb waistcoat with peaked or shawl lapel.

For those waistcoat, you do need a good tailor or otherwise it is not going to look good.
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Are there any places you could recommend getting a good shawl lapel DB waistcoat that may be RTW, or any NYC tailors or online companies where I may be able to acquire a good one? Of course I've looked around, but wondered if anyone has any experience...

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It really depends how much money you can spend. There are traveling tailors or local master.

Generally, RTW waistcoats are very bad idea, with low armholes and disproportionate length.
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