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Shoe Suitcase?

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I was wondering if anyone had a suitcase just for shoes. Or has anyone converted a typical suitcase to carry just shoes. Something that protects them from each other and is easy to keep them in one spot.

Right now when I travel, I wrap my shoes in old tshirts and put them in a large backpack. I dislike doing this and would like a better method. I seem to bring at least 4 pairs of shoes whenever I go somewhere for a weekend. More if it is a longer stay.
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I've never really seen anything of that sorts in current luggage makes, but it certainly was an option with makers in the past.
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...I would love one!!! If I had tremendous amounts of money, I would comission one from Goyard. If you find one that is ready-made, please PM me!

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Have you considered modding an existing case with some sort of strap to keep the shoes in place along the sides? I've seen this done on high end cases and trunks (as well as pull out drawers).
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How many pair of shoes do you travel with? I seem to do just fine w/ one pair on my feet and one in dustbags w/ trees in my suitcase for a trip of < 1 week. I keep my gym shoes in a backpack with the other set of trees and then don't use trees for the gym shoes.
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I apologize for being years late but I had been in the process of patent, design and finally in production.  As a print model and extra on tv commercials in southwest florida, I too, seeked an easier way to transport my shoes.  Carrying several pairs for wardrobe changes and all in little time, I really could not afford to shine, untangle, and brush the shoes before or during the takes. 

Not to mention that occassion shoes such as for weddings, graduations and church Sundays can seem to fit kind of tight because they are not used as often as everyday shoes.


So here I am.  I have attached my brochure of the suitcase as my avatar.  Should you be interested in one, please let me know.

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check out this website:

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I love shoes. Have 120+ pr. Like to take at least 6 pair. What I really want is an inexpensive soft side small overnight size that will hold at least 6 pr. Years ago I had one that was tapestry like fabric with loops inside. Got it from someplace like Lillian Vernon. It disappeared someplace over the years, but it was exactly right. What do you have?

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