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Tom Ford jacket question

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Hi gents,

I happened to see these 2 pictures online, and while I do not find the cut and details much to my liking, I'm certainly digging the color.
These are both made by Tom Ford from the spring/summer collection, and are a wool and linen blend.

My question is, are these jackets lined or partially lined? Does anybody know for certain? I'd love to order this or something like it. I can't find any other details online.

Any help is appreciated.


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Here's the second photo

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If Tom Ford is offering them for sale does it web site not say - if not why not ask them? Tom Ford is not amongst the most frequently purchased brands here and the style is also a little way ward.
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Website doesn't have any info actually. I've sent them an email but I doubt I will hear back.

I figured someone on here might have had experience with some of there sport coats.
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Could be half-lined. You mentioned that you would love to order them? From Tom Ford?
If so, best to ask them and they should be able to tell you with their MTO service and you can choose to have them fully lined or half-lined.

This season's O'connor fit is a slimmer fit compared to the usual.

If you are after a summer blue TF suit in typical Tom Ford style, I may have them coming in.
In wool, silk, linen blend. Peaked FU lapels in size 48 Base T. Half lined.

Otherwise, good luck on your search.
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