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Opinion on color coordination and style

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First off let me say thank you in adv. I found this place randomly searching for advice on what to wear /not wear etc. Thought this would be a good place to invest my time. Because from the little I have seen already there are a ton of shoes on here which I love. Don't have many name brand bc I don't have money but o well they look nice :P


Anyway I have searched the internet high and low for suggestions. I come up with a few but none that really suit my needs so I want your opinion. 

I am going to a wedding in June (yeah plenty of time to decide) and I was going for the classy as heck look because a few friends are going to dress similar and the bride has already approved my idea so I don't get kicked in the butt later! ;)

There are a few styles I have been wanting to try but haven't really had an excuse till now. So. YOUR OPINION. you can shoot it down give it praise w/e i don't care. Just want feedback few options/styles are

1 bow tie and suspenders

2 bow tie and vest

3 skinny tie and suspenders

4 skinny tie and vest



I have asked my friends on facebook and most are in agreement I should try option 1 or option 2. I personally was going to choose option 1 just because I don't have a bow tie and I figured this gives me an excuse to buy one since I have a giant wall of regular/skinny ties already
I have a hard time finding shirts that fit me right im 15- 15 1/2   / 33-34 with a fitted shit. The fitted shirt even though its the smallest of the 3 fitted, slim, classic of the places I can find that sell shirts around me; My body still someone swims in it. I have only ever found 1 shirt that has fit me perfectly (without it tailor made) 6'1" 170lb

After you pick which one of those you'd think is best here is my major problem WHHHHHAAAATT COLORS man. From places I've read people say match your shoes, pants, socks together. Other places I have read match your tie with your socks. (I prefer this method) etc etc.  I have an outfit with red suspenders and red socks with black skinny tie, white shirt /beige pants which I really like 

I have decided one the color tie / bow tie (which ever one it will be) it's going to be yellow. if bow tie its yellow paisley if skinny i'll find some type of yellow. Since it was going to be a yellow tie. I was going to do yellow socks? too much? opinions? some other places i've read on here "a real man matches his socks with his mood" haha l like that motto. 

After choice of that I was thinking either white shirt or a baby blue shirt. again. opinions!??!?!. I was leaning towards blue but white is always safe.

For the suspenders or vest would I match that with my tie or my pants? I have seen both done from pictures and advice I found. 

For pants my choices are beige/brownish, grey, or black. Opinions ? If I choose beige/brownish I have some awesome shoes that go with it. its a leather patch shoe i love them. But not sure if those would match if I choose blue shirt. If I chose grey /grey pin stripe what color shoes would I wear ? grey? I dont have any grey. (I'll buy some if need be) something like this

I have other ideas but I think this is enough for now.

Thanks again
haha sorry for it being so long especially since its my first post :P


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So you're not going to wear a jacket? Just rock the shirt with suspenders out, or a vest?

You should wear a jacket. Both suspenders and vests are designed to be worn under a jacket, and rarely seen alone (despite the evidence in music videos or TV shows). The vest or suspeners will be quickly become gimmicky. A navy blazer can be worn again and again. (It would be even better if you could wear a navy suit to this wedding).

Anyway, apart from that, I think a bow tie would be fun to wear at the wedding. A blue shirt would be better than white, if your tie is yellow (the colors harmonize better). Suspenders are fine - but really, if you talk about suspenders on this forum, they're a practical thing first and foremost. If you're "just" wearing them for the look, it's pretty "meh." Gimmicky.

As for your socks - match your trousers, wear navy, or sure, have fun and match your tie.
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Thanks for that, I have not decided if I am going to wear a jacket with it. I was thinking yes but I'll have to go buy one because all i have is black. 


You make a good point on the blue and yellow that is similar to what I was thinking 

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This needed a bump.
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Without a jacket, a vest is better than suspenders. Black pants rarely look good without a matching jacket.

For the tie, yellow would be much better as gold than the bright kind. Yellow socks would look silly, and the socks probably shouldn't be visible anyway. Baby blue socks might be the loudest type worth wedding. A wedding guest shouldn't upstage the lovebirds.
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