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Crockett and jones grosvenor

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I've only seen catalog pics of the Grosvenor, but has anyone tried this shoe (or better yet have pictures) and could share sizing information? Also any pictures of the brown version you might have would be appreciated. Thanks.
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John, Unless I miss my guess, the Grosvenor is no longer in the current catalog. If you check PLal you'll see the name, but not the picture. If you want to see it in person, I would suggest heading to BB. The one in DC has a monkstrap that looks a lot like the Grosvenor and only has one row of brass brads in the heel(which jcusey says is the sign it is C&J vs. Sargent). If you can, my suggestion would be to visit a BB.
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It's on page 9 of my C&J 2004-2005 catalog, lower right hand corner.
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AlanC, You're absolutely right. I remembered that Pediwear always had issues pulling it up and didn't notice it when I first checked the catalogue. All apologies. I would still guess that the Grosvenor is the BB Peal monkstrap gauging by the shape and the single set of brass brads, so if JohnMS wants to see the shoe in person a good BB ought to have it.
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