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Originally Posted by Steve Smith View Post

Tickets are bought, into Hanoi mid May, out early July. At very least, I plan to spend some time in Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar.

With that amount of time, is it advisable to add another destination or to devote more time to those three? I am considering going overland from Thailand through Laos or Cambodia to get back to Hanoi.

I am traveling with my 21 year old daughter.
I like to walk the earth, meet people, get in adventures.
Hitting all of the "must see" sights is not necessary.
I don't require luxury.

How would you spend that time? Any advice appreciated.

I live in Hanoi, I think if you don't need luxury hotel, you can stay in a hostel inside the old town of Hanoi, quite cheap and comfortable. From there, you can easily access to the traditonal central of this city and enjoy the weird and shitty lifestyle here (In Hanoi, you will meet some vendor who try to persuade you to pick up their goods, fruit, like banana, for instance, to take some pics, you may think they are friendly, but don't do this, they charge money for that and it doesn't worth. And in Hanoi, I think there has been nothing is a must see place. But you may want to see something as an iconic communism fortress, like Ho Chi Minh burial chamber, take a tour by eco-car around West lake, or even hire a bycicle or motorbike to go whenever you want. I can tell you that the security situation is quite good, you only have to be aware of the pickpockets. 

In Hanoi, you can visit some pagodas, you can go visit somewhere in the outskirts, where I believe that it's much more interesting than the central of the city. Should you go by train to Hue city, it's regretable if you don't go to DaNang city and Hoi An town.

If you need any advice, you can ask me, I have been living in that shit hole for 30 years :D And if you want, I'm more than happy to take you go around in Hanoi without any cost.

I think you may not want to stay in Hanoi more than two weeks, so you can go to some province which near Hanoi, such as Quang Ninh and you can go to HaLong Bay, to some islands, it's much more appealing.

P/S: you can visit to check for some hotels in Hanoi in the period of time you will spend, I think you will find some very good deals at kind of three stars hotels or more luxury.

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I second the HaLong Bay recommendation. Also, if you and your daughter are interested in some beach time I can recommend Koh Samui with one caveat; stay away from Chaweng. Every other part of the island is delightful, Chaweng is the area of Koh Samui that has gone down hill in recent years.

Enjoy your trip!
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Hello, all. Thanks for the recommendations. We spent just a few days in Hanoi since we are doing a big circle and flying out of Hanoi in early July. We plan to go to Halong Bay at the end of the trip. Any opinions on Sapa?

The Hoi An advice is great. Fabulous place. We arrived at Phnom Penh this afternoon.
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I woundn't recommend Sa Pa, that place is commercialize too much and everything are disorder. You can see lots of foreigners have intineraries include Sa Pa, but I would suggest Dong Van stone highland in Ha Giang province. It's located around 450km from Ha Noi.

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