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Rooks like your wish is going to come true in the next episode. 

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enjoying this season more than last.
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The way he killed the Asian lady was fucking gross and bullshit. How are we supposed to believe he assembled her in glass like that and was able to move it all in there unseen.
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Each episode is riddled with plot holes if you seek them.
I think the writers are ambitious with the complexity of the plot - but it nearly always pays off in my opinion. Loved the most recent one.

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great second season
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This is pretty good: https://twitter.com/ZooHannibal

"We love watching them feed the sea lions for the same reason that we love our fathers. The only alternative is terror."

"Your quarter doesn't buy you a handful of food for the billy goat. It buys the forgiveness of all the billy goats you are unable to feed."

"If you were to escape, tortoise, you would be forgotten almost immediately, invisible. It is your enclosure that makes you a god."
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Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto View Post

My only gripe with this show is sometimes, I cannot understand what Hannibal is saying.

I have this problem too. Though I think it got better after the first episode. I couldn't understand over half of what he was saying in that one. I think someone sat Madds down to have a talk about it.
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anyone know when the next season starts?
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Originally Posted by milesdavisjr View Post

anyone know when the next season starts?

I don't think there is an official date. Sometime in 2015, I think.
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