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Can one wear a silk tie with a linen suit, or should the ensemble be all linen, shirt included?

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Mixing fabrics and textures is good, and an all linen look would probably be a bit too much. Silk tie indeed, especially if you're going with a linen shirt. Silk ties are all weather.
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You can definitely wear a silk tie with a linen shirt and there is no rule that says you should or must wear all linen when you're wearing a linen suit. I have no issue with an all linen look provided there is some differentiation in weight, texture, etc., but it's definitely not essential and would not be my first choice.
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I often wear a silk knit tie with my linen suits.
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I prefer a more casual texture given the (generally) casual nature of linen. The wrinkles and bunching gives it a lot of personality and will look odd juxtaposed with a shiny silk tie. If you do go silk I'd recommend knitted, slubby, shantung or (at the very least) a matte appearance.

I wouldn't wear a linen shirt with a linen jacket unless you're on an island.
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Silk tie and and a linen suit are fine. Raw silk ties have a great look to go with linen.
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