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Buttero sneakers sizing

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Hi guys,

Anyone know how Buttero sneaker fits. I read somewhere that it's one size bigger. Thats ok I can deal with that but how about the width ..... from all the pics I have seen it looks like a narrow fit. Can onyone share any light on this? Thanks.
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They fit big. I sized down 0.5. 44 gats fit me perfectly and 43 CPs are either perfect or a little long, depending on summer or winter achilles. I'm a 10 in most sneakers and a 9.5 in boots. My 42.5 butteros fit nicely, but still a little long. The leather is really thick and they take awhile to break in, but seem very durable and well-made.
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Caveat, thanks for reply. I'm a EU 44 so one size down to EU 43 should be OK. Is the shoe cut a bit longer than normal? And the width is normal. Sorry for the questions, returning these would be a hassle for me in AUS. Thanks.
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I wouldn't say that. They seem normal to me. I shouldn't have said they fit long on me. What I should have said is that my heel slips a little because I have narrow heels, so normal shoes usually feel long to me. Just go down a half size from what you measure on the brannock device and you should be fine. They fit about like CP winter achilles IMO.
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I wear a EU 43 in CP's and ended up going with a 42.5 for a pair of buttero boots. Would have gone with a 42 but they were out of that size at the time, the 42.5's may be a tad long (not that bad though) but they fit perfectly in width for me.
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