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Yes, ANOTHER Wedding Attire Thread But Help Would Be Truly Appreciated

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Warning: Wall of Text Incoming

So here is yet another what-to-wear-to-my-nuptials thread. Many thanks in advance to those who feel inclined to offer input.

The Details:

When: September 14th of this year
Time of Day: 6:00 PM
Where: Outdoors on the enclosed grounds of a 1920's estate (the area is well shaded)
Reception: Indoors in a banquet hall on the grounds
Region: Bucks County, PA
Budget for full attire: $1,000-1,500

Attire options:


Navy three piece suit (most likely supplied by Kent Wang)
Tartan tie in my family's tartan as seen here:
White French cuffed shirt
Sterling links (in Scottish side's crest)
Black balmorals


Tuxedo, also most likely supplied by Kent Wang
My preference would be midnight blue as it will look good in natural light for photos (and I've wanted one ever since I saw a friend of my father's in one in 1976).

Other factors:
1.) I wear a tux every five years or so.
2.) I wear a suit primarily socially and occasionally for work. Probably twice a month or so.
3.) The Scottish side is no longer living, so it would mean something to me to honor it by wearing the tartan, though the links could take care of that, as well.
4.) A nice tux will look fantastic because they simply do. Yet I'm not sure just how nice a tux I can acquire given my budget.
5.) Regarding future use, I suppose I could simply decide to put a tux into rotation more often. I could throw it on for a nice meal in Manhattan (where I reside), for example, but the actual odds of my doing so at this point in time are. . . indeterminate.
6.) My mother-in-law to be would love to see me in a tux so that (see 7)
7.) Her husband can rent one. Yes, rent one.
8.) If I wear one, my father will wear his which includes a burgundy pre-tied bow tie and matching cummerbund.
9.) Read #8 again. And then know that it's Brooks and not as bad as it sounds.

For those who understandably couldn't be bothered:

TLDR: For my wedding. . . tux (preferably midnight blue) from Kent Wang or three piece navy suit from Kent Wang?

Again, many sincere thanks in advance for any help.
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You might get a better response posting in the main wedding thread. For myself, I'd go with the navy suit just because of the increased versatility for future use. I don't think you would go wrong either way as both sound like great options.
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Congratulations on the wedding. You might get a better response posting (perhaps a slightly abridged version) of this in the official wedding attire thread:

I'd say that you should wear the tuxedo. If there's every a time to do it, your evening wedding is it. If you have one, you will probably find excuses to wear it. Maybe not for a random dinner, but perhaps for a night at the opera or if you start going to more charity events. I wouldn't wear the tartan with black tie, though I think it would be cool with your three piece suit. You can get a decent tux for Kent Wang MTM prices. Please do not do a burgundy bow tie yourself; it really only works in tropical climates and for goodness sake tie your bow tie (no pre-tied).
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Thanks to you both for the input and location of the wedding thread. Much appreciated.

Could a mod please close this thread as I've moved it to the wedding thread location? Thank you.
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