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Wow, lot´s of new stuff since I last checked.

I work in the office of a small Spanish restaurant chain.  There are only 4 of us and we never deal with providers nor clients in the office. 40 plus celcius Madrileñan weather combined with poor air conditioning make wearing a suit absolutely impossible.  We only need to dress formal when we go to the restaurants, where air conditioning is fine, to meet clients, employees, or providers.  Perhaps this can explain the casual dress code in the office during summer.


Waiscoats are a no-go, obviously.  Also, ivory and cream won´t work for me.  I´m very, very clumsy, have a dog, and do a lot of work in and around the house - anything lighter than tan is asking for problems.  Other than that, thanks for the suggestions.  At least now I know more or less what to look for.


This afternoon while doing some window shopping I ran into a couple things that looked decent.  For now I´ll stick to RTW articles, as I´ll only wear these things for about two months.  


What are your opinions on blue and white striped seersucker sports coats?  

Also, how is silk in summer?  I found a very light silk shirt at a very good price.  

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If you can't pull off cream, a medium blue, tropical wool/linen blazer is the way to go. You can pair it with light grey wool, cotton or linen trousers.


Not sure what the consensus on seersucker sportcoats is, but I'm not a fan. Does such a thing even exist without being an orphaned suit coat? Someone please educate me, but I like seersucker as a suit only. Can't help you with silk, as I've never worn a shirt made of it.


Edit: Did some research and looks like seersucker odd jackets are fine. They're just so uncommon here they strike me as odd. Guess you learn something new everyday confused.gif

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Love seersucker jackets. The color combination you described is a classic.
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Originally Posted by Mdkeene View Post

Also, how is silk in summer?  I found a very light silk shirt at a very good price.  

Silk wears warm. Probably not ideal for hot weather. I have yet to see a silk shirt I like, so maybe I'm biased, but I would avoid it no matter the season.

I had a striped seersucker jacket at some point but I felt self-conscious wearing it. I much prefer solid navy.
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