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"super 100's gabardine".

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Hi, I have this -Oxxford Clothes- jacket (sport coat). The fabric is "Super 100'S Gabardine". Does anyone know what kind of fabric this is?? Wool, cotton, a blend?? I sell high-end clothing on Ebay, but I'm not as knowledgeable about fabrics as I should be. However I'm impressed by the depth of knowledge of some of the members on this forum. Thanks for helping me out. Hans.
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That would be a wool, with a slight twill finish.
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Super 100s refers to the average diameter of the wool fibers that make up the cloth. See Holland & Sherry's explanation of different Super grades for wool. Gabardine is a type of weave. The Elegant Man defines it thusly (p. 23):
...twill weave, sometimes three-harness weave. It is characterized by vertical twill lines obtained with more warp threads than weft threads. It is tightly woven to make it almost water resistant. The yarn is combed.
Gabardine can be made from wool, cotton, or linen, among other fibers. In this case, because gabardine is qualified with a phrase that only refers to wool, it's a wool gabardine.
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Thanks everybody that really helped. Hans
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Gabs are also very popular men's dress pants. They are woven very tightly to produce the finest of twill; have great drape because of the fine yarns used; and have a dull kind of luster, because of the way light reflects off the twill surface. They can be very expensive, since there is usually more process given to their manufacture. But I love the gabs I have; very light and comfortable; very dressy and elegant.
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