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Alfani Suit, Black - $152 - Do I Bite?

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Hello all.... I will be starting a new job that requires a suit. I do not have the cash to get a few $500 suits at the start so I am looking to fill in with decent quality volume in the beginning and then upgrade 1-2 good suits a year as the sales come. There was some talk about the Alfani Red line on these forums. I actually tried them on and they looked good... Waiting for a sale now...


In the meantime, Macy's is having a two day sale on an normal Alfani Suit for $152.

This seems very reasonable for a wool suit and I was wondering if anyone had some feedback on these.




What makes it STRETCH?


5'10 - 190 (42R)

6" drop probably means I need to have the waist taken in a bit as my normal size is 36" (Depending on cut)

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I would avoid getting this since it is black. Though the site doesn't say, I suspect there is spandex or Lycra for the stretch. The description indicates wool, but not 100% wool. I'm not clear on why anyone would want a stretchy suit.

FYI a 42R 6" drop is 36" so I'm not sure why you need the waist taken in.
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My bad on the drop. .. wool +spandex what for movement?
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If the suit fits well, you really shouldn't need spandex for movement. Either way, I would avoid, as black really isn't a great color for the office.
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Comes in navy and charcoal as well.. might stop by and look. They close to me
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Navy and charcoal are the first 2 suit colors you should be getting, so that's good. I still think it is a low-quality suit, but I don't think you are going to find anything better at your price point without buying used.
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Negative.  Black is a non-starter for a work suit.


Go with solid navy blue or mid/dark grey.  These have been the standard colors for work suits for decades.


And Alfani?  Take a pass.  At the very least wait for a sale at a major Department store and buy something of better quality.

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