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For Sale:
Damir Doma Schedar shirt [2011]

Will Ship To: Anywhere

He used to design based on a color scheme and start the collections from there, layer monochromatics. it was fluid, which he equated with freedom, fabrics and cuts that adapted to the body, "a piece of cloth thrown onto the body" merging with it. he would go out of his way to ignore tenets of classic tailoring and reinforce more androgynous features (think collarbone vs making strong shoulder silhouette). it was a floating asymmetrical frontier with distance between the body and the fabrics. Istanbul meets Venezia.

Here is something from that not so distant past. A pair of 2011 light-weight shirt made of 65% cotton, 35% silk. Large, luxurious buttons, longer in front than in back, twisted seams on sleeves, and a hidden metallic ring detail behind the collar if you flip it up. The sz48 can be worn slightly oversized on a 48 or a touch more slim on a 50.

The raw cuffs and hem are to some a shoddily tailored garment, unfinished and rushed out. To others, it's the disregard for tailoring norms, something Damir used to be familiar with.