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Light starch?

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I've been going to cleaners throughout the city and today went to a different one in a heavily populated asian part of town.  The guy asked me something I've never been asked before: "how much starch"?  I didn't know so I just asked for what was standard.  He said he would do light starch.  Some of these shirts are casual, some are dress.  They will be laundering the shirts tomorrow, should I call and ask for no starch?  Thanks.

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It shouldn't be a problem. Starch just stiffens up the collar some or the whole shirt depending on how many wrinkles. The weird part is... You've never been asked about starch at any other dry cleaners? That's bizarre to me. I get it asked everywhere I go. If you really don't want it/feel anxious of it, you should probably call and ask for no starch.

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I've gotten asked at every Dry Cleaners I've been to. I get Light Starch on my shirts. I launder my nice shirts at home myself on gentle and iron them myself.

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No starch or light, unless you are one of those guys that wears his shirts more than once before cleaning eek.gif

Less starch = shirts last longer
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Thanks.  Yeah, it's the first time I've been asked.  So light starch even on casual soft wash shirts?  The dress shirts are stretch material while the casual shirts have a soft and worn feel to them.

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I wouldn't go with starch on casual shirts.

For "dress" shirts, I always go with light startch on broadcloth, poplin and Oxford cloth shirts, just so I could wear them more than once if I wanted to. I also launder my best shirts at home, and sometimes will use a dusting of spray starch on collars and cuffs. I'm not totally convinced that using starch will reduce the life of your shirts, at least not noticeably.
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