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Mirco Check Navy Jacket - Pants ideas

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Hello All,


I've recently decided to have a sport jacket custom made for myself, and I've decided I want something in the blue range but not just plain boring navy. I found a few pictures of what I had in mind, and I'd like some opinions on some pant options to go with these color ranges. I've settled on this sort of mid-blue, micro check pattern and there are 2 examples I found online that almost match perfectly what I have ordered.


I'm thinking these would look pretty sharp with a funky navy pant, obviously in a lighter shade from the jacket, or a darker navy pant for more formal occasions. Maybe a charcoal pant or very light grey? Maybe even denim?


Unlike a lot of folks on here, I'm not crazy about the navy on khaki combination. Being from Toronto Canada, that type of combination reminds me of a golf course in Sunny Isles Florida or a yacht club meet.


Any input is much appreciated and I'll be more then happy to post pics of my jacket once it is constructed. Also, if anybody has a better suggestion as to a different jacket idea altogether that would be great too, for variety's sake.




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No opinions? Bump
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What's with this new trend of people bumping threads 30 minutes after the OP?

Anyway, wear your jacket with mid-grey pants, as all jackets should be worn.
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Thanks, I guess your not crazy about any of my light or dark blue ideas?
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You guess correctly.
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Holdfast has a jacket worthy of envy that he has displayed several times in WAYWRN. It's a royal blue on black mini check. I think he normally pairs it with dark grey strides - sorry I wouldn't know how to search for specific pics but if you find any they would be a good starting point for your blue check adventure.
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Hi laniceman, I actually found a picture of it. That's exactly what I ordered.
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Great minds!

I think HF has had a lot of his stuff made bespoke by Ede and Ravencroft. Not sure if this was one of them and exactly which cloth, all I know is that its one of my favourite odd jackets making the rounds on here. Put up pics once its complete. I think mid to dark grey strides would probably pair best with it.
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Light brown or tan pants should be fine with those jackets too.

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What about denim?
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Holdfast's is a Glorious 12th, if I remember correctly.
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What is a glorious 12th?
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Originally Posted by MGD83 View Post

What is a glorious 12th?

Porter and Harding fabric collection named after the first day of grouse hunting season in Scotland, so very much country influenced. Herringbones, WP checks, gun club checks, that sort of thing - country-ish patterns, although not tweeds. Muted, fall-like colors for the most part. Very nice stuff, primarily used for odd jackets / sports coats or I suppose a really, really country suit. Pretty easy to come by at most reputable tailors...
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Interesting. I did not purchase a true top end fabric, but I did choose a fabric comparable to a Zegna cloth. Maybe a slight step down from a Zegna. It's a tropical wool and silk blend for spring/summer. Anyways, I'll be more then happy to post a pic once it's finished.
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I have a Samuelsohn jacket just like that that I always wear with dark navy trousers. The lighter blue in the jacket and the pattern will pop even more against subdued solid navy trousers.

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