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I'm looking for a new aftershave and I'm having a lot of trouble. I'd like it to be without alcohol, but for it to actually fight razor burn. Any ideas?
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You need something witch hazel based, razorock (yes it's a terrible name) has some nice inexpensive aftershave balms, which I even prefer to the T&H or GFT stuff. 


Do you use a preshave oil? If I don't use some jojoba or almond oil my shaves are never that pleasant. 

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The only cure for razor burn is prevention. No aftershave really cures razor burn. If you're really interested, check out Badger & Blade, the forum dedicated to wet shaving.


For a readily available non-alcohol based aftershave balm check out Nivea Sensitive.


The only thing to do once you have razor burn is to apply some witch hazel to it, and I'm not really sure how much that does. You can buy witch hazel at Target for less than $2.

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