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^ Tak Benjamin.

Specielt dit andet skud fra Kulturnatten er rigtigt fint, synes jeg.
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Bondi Beach and Sculpture by the Sea taken with an iPhone5. Had my Cannon EDS 400D which takes a nice shot but found it too large and unwieldily.

The light at 9am EDST when I took these was fantastic clear & vibrant, great coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama Beach.
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Made a new website, all previously un-shown work - have a look: www.mattdunnephoto.com

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^Great stuff; love your Guyana pics!
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Thanks Henree, appreciate that :)

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Anyone play around with the X-T2 yet? Thinking about grabbing one
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Some recent shots off the yashicat4
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This was taken by a friend of mine, but she doesn't have an account and I thought the pic was neat so I figured I'd share it.

Taken while in the Berlin Botanical Gardens on some old Kodak with a built in double-exposure option 


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I was in nyc in july and again in september. the first time around I was still using my digital setup, pairing a zeiss 50/2 with the fuji x-e1. by the second trip i was loading portra 400 into an m6 with the same lense.
interestingly (to me, at least) i used the VSCO portra filter on the digital file while leaving the film untouched after development, just scanning it straight from the negative. I'm quite happy to abandon digital (again) and while the process is painstaikingly long compared to shooting on the m8 i was using for a short while, there's something more charming about not knowing what the photons have done to this sensitive strip rather than rushing to find out what the buzz of electricity was all about.

another shot i took which didn't end up quite as i had imagined. i was too close to the green construction barrier. but it was interesting to see the decay peaking through this little portal into the otherwise exuberant and really ostentatious city landscape.

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Yes, agree fully on film.

I had a friend set up a game where I had to shoot my progress through certain tasks with a disposable film camera. It was a lot of fun anticipating the film processing and instantly I started searching for a film camera since I'd sold mine off a few years back.

I ended up with a Olympus 35RC because it fits in a pocket and supposedly takes nice pictures. I've got the first roll about half way shot guessing on the exposure (sunny 16 rule) so I'm curious to see if I got anything good.

It's a lot more fun. And flipping through physical photos is a lot more enjoyable than looking at a screen.

I'll keep my digital camera for work when I need to send photos to coworkers or clients and things like that, but for everything else I've been carrying the RC around.
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just scanend some TriX 400 on my epson redface.gif

not my favorite for color-contrast landscape shots. in my opinion these become too busy with the microcontrast masking and exagerating the aesthetics of nature. i much prefer smoother subjects on b&w, either intrinsically or not (eg. mist/fog smoothing out the palette). in this case, the winding road is lost among the trees and rocky features, whereas in a color shot the texture of the asphalt stands out clearly against the earth.
img008 by Arzhng, on Flickr

but works well on moody commuters
img017 by Arzhng, on Flickr
img014 by Arzhng, on Flickr

and candid shots
img031 by Arzhng, on Flickr
img028 by Arzhng, on Flickr
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