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I had a leica m9 with me for a week with a summilux 35.
I had fun, I think. Rangefinder was interesting but I think it's as you say, you need time with that camera and lens system to really get into.

Gear isn't everything ;P I prefer my xt-1 pics that I took at the same time.. and I do like manual focus (for portrait) even with my xt-1 so it's not even that!

If I had the money, I would probably go somewhere else than Leica (Hassel, pentax).

This is prolly my fav shot with it (sorry I dont have the high-res handy)
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IME the only time I start caring about gear is when I haven't been able to take photos for a while. Maybe it's been grey, or maybe my camera is getting repaired, but there's a reason I start looking at cameras: I want to take photos. That's the only reason I start caring. I don't think I'm alone there.


Honestly I've been using the OM1 (35mm) for about 18 months straight now so nothing else feels as fast or simple, even if there's plenty else that's quite good.


Next step is 6x9 - but not for a few more months.

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aaah 6x9.
Been looking for these fujis for a while.
But I do have a mamiya 645 available (brother) and love the feeling with it =)
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this is a fun lens

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some color

some bw (jpeg straight out of camera)
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Anyone own a GR II?

I have an X100 and Sony Nex, both of which I love on their own terms, but want something pocketable and maybe a bit more discreet. I'm worried the angle is too wide and I'll miss a viewfinder
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I do, you can get a viewfinder as an add-on. It's a great little camera. this guy shoots exclusively w/ a gr2/3 I think.
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I believe @Mr. Moo has a GR (I).

I too have a X100 (the first one) and have been considering a GR (I or II) for some time. I have been happy with a wider lens in the past, so that's not holding me back. What is though, is what seems to be a consensus from a few reviews, that the colour of the Fuji's jpegs should rank as some of the best SOOC, while the Ricoh's should benefit more from shooting RAW, which I so far haven't bothered with.

I do routinely keep an eye out for an eventual GR III, to see if it might convince me, as there's a lot to like in the GRs, especially the pocketability.
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If the wider lens turns out to be an issue it will shoot in 35mm format - it will self-crop for you and display that in live view.


Which is fine for almost every photo you'd take, barring a few different situations.

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3 cameras seems excessive. Hell, 2 seems excessive unless you are doing something like sports or weddings (in which case you could just opt for a zoom anyway) or some sort of production where multiple angles simultaneously would be required. This is entering insane GAS territory but you should do with your money what you please, obviously.

One body, two lenses. I'm set and travel super light.
Too wide, walk forward . Too narrow, walk backwards

Note that I have in the past gone around NYC with a Kiev 66cm and 4 lenses, ridiculous Soviet era gear that weighs a ton. Was fun but nothing I recommend nor intend to repeat.
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Three cameras is probably excessive, but we're on a message board where three leather jackets is par for the course smile.gif And actually I have an Olympus underwater camera for scuba diving, so there's three already haha

I enjoy using both my X100 and Sony Nex, but neither is pocketable and I only take them out on weekend trips where I know I'll be taking pictures. I rarely carry a bag even to work, so I'd like something I can put in a jacket pocket.

Anyways, I mostly take stupid travel photos to post on Instagram. What a waste!!
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the circus was a good place to take advantage of the super contrasty lens (and i love the jpegs out of this camera)

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What are you shooting with mate?

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An old x-e1 , the CMOS censor is great esp for bw jpg
But the Zeiss planar lens is something. this just makes me miss film even more. tHeres no substitute, not even the leica monochrome (which locks the color filter so you get a really rich and vibrant range of luminosity) ...

I have found a place that does good scans and prints. Do you develop your own? I think bw negs are straightforward?. I was shooting med format positives that was trickier
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