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I'm gonna take a stab at it and say that it's taken from the inside of a window (car window, perhaps?) during the rain, and the lighting is from a street lamp or maybe a garage light?
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I figured it´s gotta be window+rain but the "effect" he got is what left me wondering.

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Dope shot, @LonerMatt 

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It's taken from within the National Gallery of Victoria. At the entrance there's a huge pane of glass that water runs down. The idea is, as you guys pointed out, to mirror some impressionism and also make it a playful space.


Everyone that goes there as a kid plays for hours with the patterns of the water running down the glass, so if you sit inside and look out, you can see it every day.


This image shows iwhat I'm describing a lot better:


So, the image was taken on the left - hence why there's no green or blue in the background - no effect was added, I just shot it @ 2.0/2.8 and focused on the finger, so the rest of the image is slightly out of focus and accentuates the effect of the water.


I just waited for something cool! Usually kids just run and touch and people play around, but I liked this shot because it's a bit more sinister and weird.


Here's another shot I took at the same place:

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that little girl shot is amazing!
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Hey all,


As you know I take a lot of photos.


One of my photos has made its way to a competition - please vote for it here (http://www.streethunters.net/blog/2015/06/16/poll-monthly-theme-contest-june-2015/) - it's #10.


Vote once, vote twice, vote fifteen times. Get your Mum to vote, get your Dad to vote, whoever.


I'd like to win.


If you vote for me and let me know, I will personally send you an individualised thank you message.

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you're on a good start smile.gif good luck! That shot deserves it.
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Some of my favs from the China: Through the Looking Glass Exhibit

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So I went to Italy, took a 35mm camera and took a lot of shots. I also had my digital camera and that was fun too.


I made a series - have a look: http://mwd.photography/Give-me-something-to-read-and-a-window-seat

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Few more.





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A couple of recent shots with an IR converted Lumix GM1.


@LonerMatt - Contrasty enough for your taste? I know IR isn't for everyone.
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Wow - much better than most IR I've seen - very sharp throughout the field and great contrast. Love the shots.

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Originally Posted by LonerMatt View Post

Wow - much better than most IR I've seen - very sharp throughout the field and great contrast. Love the shots.

Thanks. I'd tried using a Hoya R72 on an unconverted camera and the results were pretty muddy. Converted bodies are definitely the way to go, and with micro four thirds you don't get the focus problems you can get with modified DSLRs.

Nice website btw - I love the pavement artist shot.
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