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Does anyone carry an 85mm on a crop? How often is it useful? I was thinking of picking up the Canon 85 f/1.8, primarily for taking photos of surfers and such where my cheap 50mm's AF can't keep up. I might use the 35mm f/2 in more situations, but I already have a 24 and 50 so I can't decide if I'd rather have a telephoto.

Or I could just get nothing. The 24 is all I need in 85% of situations.

Assuming you're using a crop body at 1.5x I'd have thought 85 (roughly 130 equivalent on FF) would be too short. It depends how close you can get. A cheap option would be an adaptor and one of the better manual focus 135's (most of them are decent even on a modern sensor) which would give you roughly a 200 equivalent.
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Thanks. It's a 1.6x, so 135mm equivalent. It's not the only use I'd have for the lens, it's just the current need I have that my existing kit can't handle - I'm sure it would be great for portraits and even landscapes, and other things I haven't considered since I haven't really shot with a lens this long. 

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I'm finally getting around to using the Canon G15 that I picked up during a pre Black Friday sale direct from Canon. My first decent digital camera was a G5, so this feels a bit like coming home... I love my dSLR (Rebel T4i), but sometimes having a pocketable camera is a good thing. I took a short walk along the Municipal Wharf in Santa Cruz, CA this evening.






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Finally got around to stitching together some of the panoramas I took this summer.

7 images, still trying to make that rainbow "pop" more

15 exposures -> 5 images -> 1 huge pano

I've also moved to Melbourne for at least the next few months.
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So after years of searching I came across a nearly brand new Minolta MC W Rokkor SI 28mm f2.5 Thorium glass lens. After 46 years of radioactive decay the lens has a nice warm cast to it. Perfect for warming up cold color shots or adding a bit of contrast to black and white pics without using a light yellow filter.

Oh and here's something that I came across one evening. A double sun dog sunset with a partial 22 degree sun arc.

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Revisited an old pic of mine and wanted to give an impression closer to what I experienced when I saw the "scene" in person (might have been better with a bit less "effect")


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