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some picture I've taken that you might like crane
petrified forest, AZ

Phillip Island, Victoria, Aus. (fisherman bottom left)
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Oh I like it for sure. That's a classic HP supercell no doubt.
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Usually this waterfall is dry or runs at a trickle....but it rained the previous day and the falls were roaring.
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Can someone recommend a decent CSC bag? I was looking at Yoshida Porter, but those bags are meant for the full DSLR kits I think. 

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No meteors (Camelopardalids meteor shower) but I got this. It's called an Iridium flash. If a satellite is positioned just right they reflect the sunlight back to the ground like a mirror as they pass by. This one was bright, really bright. Now the proper term for this is "satellite flare or glint" and is most often associated with the Iridium Telecom satellites. Hence the more common name of Iridium flash. The image is a 30 second, three frame composite shot at 2:25am CDT May 24, 2014.

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A few from a recent trip to New York City. My first time in the USA. Loved it. biggrin.gif

I'm struggling to decide how to crop my photo's, if at all. @Master Milano your pictures always seem to be perfectly framed and that's an area I feel I'm lacking in. Do you crop yours afterwards?

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Some recent shots, feedback always welcome :)











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Re: photographers we like

I like Rinko Kawauchi. dreamy, washed out photos of stuff. reminds me of hazy summer vacations as a kid

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water droplets on a rose



rotting tree peony


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Photographers I like. Mitch Dobrowner, his storm photos are stunning. Warren Faidley, the most recognized severe weather photographer in the world. Bruce Barnbaum, his black and white landscapes are unreal. Ansel Adams, no intro needed. Edward Weston, a master of composition. Annie Leibovitz, one of the best portrait photographers ever. Henri Cartier-Bresson, the definer of photojournalism.
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Recent stuff pulled from my instagram: 

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I like that first one. What is it?
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Two lightning shots from a recent two state night storm chase. It's been a while since I've seen lightning as wild as what was going on this night.

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First post to this thread, but i hav been lurking a while:

Im a big fan of 

Garza cuen



Though I don't know much about photography in general, I would be grateful if you mentioned any similar photographers that spring to mind.

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Some travel pics with different cameras!
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