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Pious owner of a traditional handcrafts shop studies the Qur'an.

Fashion in Marrakesh:

Hooded man in jedi-esque contemplation in the middle of a bustling city:

Curious but shy kid in the Medina (by far my favorite shot):

Traditional Tannery (oldest in Marrakesh - lower res version):

Lastly, this kitten dgaf (found him sleeping in a random alley - wish I could have taken him home):

More to come but thanks for checking it out!
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Not really a great photo but the walls are amazing - carving on top of a door at a mosque in Fez:

edit: realized it hard to see much cause it's down res...
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Pink lightning.

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Wim Wenders on the purity of film

* * *

Wim Wenders advertising the wonder of the digital rangefinder Leica M8 :-p

* * *

and now i want a leica M(4-p,6,8) uhoh.gif
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a couple


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1. Here are three photos I'm happy with. I think the one that needs the most work is the sunset - I'm not sure why it turned out quite grainy and a little murky - ideas?

I'm still focusing a lot on composition and cropping well, as well as making sure that my selections make best use of lighting.




2. I'm going to grab a new lense sometime soon. I have a kit 18-55mm and was hoping for something really sharp that I could use for larger landscapes in particular. I've no idea what to even look for in lenses, or what different ones do.


Still not up to comparison with most of you guys,etc, but I can see progress I'm happy with so I hope to keep it up!

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Tangling with a tornado warned supercell up close and personal. Tornado to the left of me, hail to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you....

You really do need to be a special breed of nuts to do this sort of thing.

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Doing a thesis-ish work in school and it could be about almost anything, so I built a pinhole-camera :)





(40 min exposure time at about 10 pm)


(3 sec exposure time, ~midday)


(1 sec exposure time, ~midday)


All in all, though the pictures could have been better, it was a pretty fun project :)

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Long exposure black and white infrared.

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30sec exposure at Phillip Island. The light is from Melbourne city

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Hyper focus, long exposure infrared experiment.

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I just found out there's a photography thread! Awesome!

I do product photography in Baltimore, photographing stuff like this:

Sometimes wander around the city shooting stuff like this:

And occasionally get out to travel and take photos like this:

There's a lot of other stuff on my tumblr page.
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Yesterday myself and a couple friends hiked up towards the LA-88 Nike Missile Site in the Chatsworth mountains. In operation from 1957-1974, it was one of a few dozen missile bases located around Los Angeles in case of a Soviet attack. At one point there were different entrances to the underground facility that you could get to from the rooftop as seen in the first picture, but over the years people who have visited have closed the wells. 

The whole facility is abandoned now, though it seems that officials visit the area… At one point there were more broken down buses and other equipment, but they seem to be gone now. Some believe that this is sometimes used for SWAT training as it is private owned land and there are a lot of bullet shells on the ground.

Plus from the top of the mountain you can see all of the San Fernando Valley and it’s nothing but beautiful. If you live in the area I highly recommend visiting.


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